Oh my goodness, things were going pretty good and then I went to the dentist for a routine cleaning and I had two solid days of misery afterwards. It's letting up today, thankfully! Has anyone noticed that a trip to the dentist makes their symptoms worse?

Oh yes! Although the pain I get affects the GP nerve, and radiates to one or two teeth in particular. That was how my ES pain first started, with toothache, then when the dentist re-filled the tooth as the filling was a bit iffy, the pain was lots worse! I get them checked at the dentist each time to make sure the toothache isn't caused by anything else... but it never is! It could just be down to being tense- which most of us are the dentist!- or having to open your mouth wide- that's painful for me.

I'm sorry that after a good spell, it's upset the ES again for you.

Yes, that is a problem for a long time.It scared me at first, I was afraid the Eagles would start again. It took a day or two to go away. I am 2.5 years post op and I have not noticed any issues lately at the dentist.. It just takes a long time for the nerves to heal and the scar tissue to resolve if it was intraoral. For the most part, I can touch it and it does not hurt anymore. I had a physical therapy session the other day. They put my neck in traction to decompress the neck vertebrae. The traction helped the vertebrae but aggravated the tissue just under my jaw where my surgery had been because the pads for the traction machine basically attached at that spot and pulled my neck from that spot. I had forgotten about the tender spot because it had been fine for awhile now. So, I guess it can remain tender, forever. I don't want mechanical traction anymore. I always tell anyone doing PT or massage not to touch that sensitive spot near the jaw and carotid.