Everyone improving posture...how to?

I went to an osteopath who said that my t2-t1-c7-c6 were locked in flexion. I think this is worsening my symptoms. He did some treatment but it was really painful while he was “massaging” and for the next few days, more painful than I’ve ever experienced before from an osteopath, so I’ve decided not to go back. Does anyone know how to unlock this area with exercises? Things I’ve tried so far:

  1. Stretching the upper traps but there’s no more stretch to be had
  2. To try to strengthen the upper traps I did shoulder shrugs but this made everything a lot worse and my anxiety symptoms came back, did read somewhere that traps can cause anxiety symptoms…
  3. Tried to release the front of my neck but again there’s not much stretch left
  4. Chin tucks, makes me feel much worse in the throat area
  5. Diaphragm breathing which does help everything release but I find this really hard to do sitting or standing, although I’m going to keep trying

And help would be appreciated.

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I recently saw this video which was a critical review of Kjetil Larson’s (MSK neurology) routine for Bryan Johnson (Blueprint project) on how to improve IJV stenosis using postural exercises. One of the exercises this guy recommends is one to improve extension in the cervicothoracic region. https://youtu.be/ZbBYm8SgHAU?si=d74Kd09oVK1oNERi

Don’t know if it’s worth trying these but maybe @vdm would have better ideas


@vdm has posted lots of videos about anatomy but also included lots of resources about improving posture and muscle tension, here’s a link:
List of my favourite resources on YouTube to learn anatomy - General - Living with Eagle