External Eagle Syndrome Surgery Done

On Monday, August 16, 2021 I underwent my external ES surgery with Dr. Donald Donovan of Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas. When he got into my neck it was discovered that the calcification was far worse than the CT scan had showed, and the calcification was actually attached to my throat! When he removed the calcification a small perforation happened to my throat that had to be stitched up. Because of this I was in the hospital for 2 nights, and my drain was not removed until 8 days later on August 24. Once the bandages and drain were removed, not as painful as I expected, it was discovered that I was one of the few people that have an severe allergic reation to surgical glue. So extreme that now on day 3 after the drain was removed I’m now on low dose steroids to help control the severe redness and intense itching. We tried Benadryl cream but that made it worse. I highly recommend Dr. Donovan here in Houston. Wasn’t his fault that my case was so severe, and treatment had to be delayed a year due to Covid last year, that the puncture in my throat happend. I knew that I was allergic to latex, but had no clue about surgical glue. My incision is larger than I expected but he put it in the middle of an existing neck fold and you really don’t see the incision. All will look much better when my throat doesn’t look like a giant red tomato. Afer years of feeling like there was a giant golf ball stuck in my throat, I’m now in the process of learning how to swallow again, and it will get better once the swelling goes away, which that is getting a little better each day. If it hadn’t been for the allergic reaction I think I’d be doing very good at this point. Right now all I can do is pray the steroids control this horrible rash. NOTE. I actually needed no pain medication after the surgery. I was only on saline and IV antibiotics while in the hosptial. I was on 7 days of oral antibiotics (Kflex) after I came home.

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So glad your surgery was a success overall! Sorry for all of the issues with your throat and the glue, though.

How are you doing now?

I’m in Houston, as well, and I have an appt. with Dr. Donovan on May 10th.

@SRR How was your appointment with Dr. Donovan? I was referred to him today.


I don’t know what happened that I didn’t see your post until almost a year after you made it. As the others have expressed, I’m sorry for what you went through post op but am so glad you felt as good as you did after surgery (minus the allergic reaction, of course!). I hope you’re fully healed & feeling amazing now. We’d love for you to come back & post an update! I’m really glad to hear about Dr. Donovan & his willingness to help you.


@Ladybug & @SSR ~ I hope Dr. Donovan is able/willing to help both of you, too!