Post Surgical Salivary Gland issue

Hi. I had Eagles Surgery almost 1 year ago (Dr Samji). Took a really long time to heal and still not done. Last few weeks my salivary gland on same side blew up swollen and painful. Dr Samji prescribed Antibiotic for 2 weeks and then i go back in 3 week. If not cleared up looking at CT Scan (not sure if 3D and/or with contrast). Still a lot of pain under ear and tip of jaw and some ear pressure. Anyone else have this issue? I also have eagles on left but up to about a month ago - no symptoms. Now i have pain above my collarbone on left side. Could be thyroid - due for scan on that next month but nodules 5 months ago too tiny to cause this issue and biopsy on 1 nodule revealed nothing worrisome. I’m just getting really sick of pain. I can’t tolerate steroids which is what doc suggested but i have terrible reactions to it so i avoid. Other reasons i avoid steroids. I had a bad spine accident in 2013 and likely what’s what caused the inflammation leading to calcification, etc. my neck is a mess. Doc said my problems could be partially related. Anyone have similar history or suggestions? I’m wary of mainstream meds but antibiotic should help after a few days.

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Hi Gail,

I’m really sorry to hear you’re still struggling with problems on your surgical side. Good that you went back to Dr. Samji. I’m not surprised the other side is now “talking” to you as that seems to be the “trend” w/ bilateral ES. Hopefully the antibiotics will do the trick, & you won’t need additional tests, but if your pain is still fairly intense, another CT might be in order to revisit your situation.

I believe my ES was the product of a head injury from a bike accident I sustained when I was 13 & a whiplash injury in college perpetuated it. Who knew that head & neck injuries or throat surgeries, etc., would cause other problems down the road?!? I guess all of us on this forum know that now!

I’m sorry I have no advice to offer, just a compassionate cyber hug.


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Really sorry to hear that you’re still in pain, but it’s good that you’re still in contact with Dr Samji. I hope that your antibiotics work soon. It’s always difficult to know what symptoms are ES & what are other issues when we have a complicated medical history, & often the only way to tell is after surgery. And also only after both sides have been done! Lots of us sadly have other neck problems so it’s not always a total cure…
If you have a neck CT hopefully it might show what’s going on, & a big hug to you.

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