External surgery scheduled in August

I found out a couple of days ago that my right styloidectomy has been scheduled for August 7th. (Really hoping that something changes and I get in earlier, but it’s doubtful). The right side is definitely being done because the jugular compression is worse on that side. However, my tinnitus and neck pain are worse on the left. Has anyone else had this, and the surgery on one side takes care of symptoms on the other? It’s not definite if I’ll have the left side operated on at a later time even though that side is extremely elongated as well (doc initially told me about a 20% chance).

Thanks everyone!

Hi jmecker,

Hooray for having surgery scheduled. Boo Hiss that it’s scheduled so far out. Have you asked to be put on a cancellation list?

I find it interesting that if you have vascular compression on both sides (as you intimated) your surgeon wouldn’t automatically do a surgery for each side to relieve your intracranial pressure completely especially in light of your CSF leak situation. I had vascular symptoms on my right side but my left side caused the vast majority of my pain. Dr. Samji elected (i.e. didn’t give me a choice) to do the right side first because he felt it was more critical to take care of it due to the thickness of the styloid & the angle at which it was growing. It was 9 months before the other side was done & by the time he took that one out, I was nearly a basket case.

In answer to your question - yes, a given styloid can cause “cross-over” symptoms i.e. pain/symptoms on the opposite side of the body thus it’s possible (but not probable) that the left side symptoms will become less after your first surgery. In bilateral cases, it’s very difficult to tell which side is causing which symptoms until both styloids/calcified ligaments are removed. Additionally, once one side is resected, the other side often ramps up whatever symptoms it was causing. When this happens, people often feel the first surgery “didn’t work” because the symptoms aren’t all gone when, in fact, some symptoms are gone & the fault lies w/ the remaining styloid. Once it’s removed, more complete ES recovery occurs.

I had bilateral jugular compression, no CSF leaks, but I did feel pretty rough with IH symptoms so I feel for you. I had to wait 3 months for the surgery after all the tests, so csn sympathise with that too! After the first surgery, the vascular symptoms improved quickly, but didn’t go completely, as there was still compression one side. And the side left in did get more painful. I had the 2nd surgery a year later, & the IH symptoms have virtually gone - sometimes the veins don’t spring back completely.
So I would say have your first surgery, & concentrate on getting over that. Cross that bridge first, & try not to worry or look too far ahead. Then give it a few months & see how you feel, if you still have pain & vascular symptoms push for 2nd surgery; if your doctor is unwilling to do the surgery then look for another doctor then, but try not to stress too much about it yet, it’ll make you feel worse now. Thinking of you while you wait.