Perplexed Dilemma

I had surgery 4 yrs ago on my left side. About six months ago, I started getting symptoms again on that side & day by day it’s gotten worse. I assumed my styloid had grown back. What else could it be? Same side same symptoms! ( Right?) I never felt the need to do surgery on the right side my pain was manageable. Though, I admit it has gotten noticeably worse. So I had a CT & it showed my left styloid had not grown back. I went back to the Dr. who performed the 1st surgery, & he suggested I either get more angles on my left side, or he could do surgery on my right side. He thinks my symptoms on my left will go away! Does that seem rational, has anyone else experienced this? I want to get more imaging to rule that out first. I just don’t know?

I cannot say I know what you mean as I cannot get a diagnosis to last more than 12 months Doctor finally said, I cannot figure out what is wrong with you because you say your symptoms are on the right side, but what I see on your images is on the left side. Next appointment is two months from now at University medical center.

That’s interesting, because when I went back to my Doctor he asked me if I had any trauma to my neck. I do believe there is a correlation with some people who have eagles.

Hi Nanners,

There is a possibility that your right side is causing some crossover symptoms on the left side. The cranial nerves which get irritated by ES exist on both sides of the neck & it is possible that stimulation of the right side could produce symptoms along the nerve chain in the left. Our bodies are very complex & no one (except God) fully understands all the intricacies of them. If you have any annoying/painful right-side ES symptoms, it would be worthwhile getting the right styloid removed. That alone might just clear up your left & right side symptoms.

More imaging could be useful, maybe you have scar tissue, I don’t know if that would show on an MRI?
If the other side is elongated, I guess in theory it could be disrupting normal movement when you swallow for example, or structures shifting slightly with neck movements, which could then irritate the other side, which possibly has a little scar tissue? Things can’t always be explained,as Isaiah says- I get symptoms back with any inflammation like a virus, sore throats or a cold, how can that be explained? My theory is when your body is under inflammation it affects any ‘weak’ spots, causing pain there. Maybe your other side is causing that in the ‘weaker’ healed side? Intetesting that your surgeon suggested this!

I have considered this medically, but my experience, & trust in Doctors is skeptical. I will more than likely have the right side done in the near future, but I need to rule out the possibilities for the left side. You’re absolutely right about the intricacies of our bodies especially when it involves ES. I appreciate your feedback, it means a lot. It is a source of comfort & therapy.:sunflower:


Jules, You make some very valid points! The Dr. was curious if it could be scar tissue . I hope that’s not the case, because It’s permanent. The most debilitating symptoms are light headedness, headaches, and loss of my vocals, & weakness. It happens when I move my head & always when I bend over. I also, get crazy stuff going on with my face on the left side, like it stiffens up. The only constant is neck pain left side only. Periodically, throughout the day I get the usual ES stuff, which I feel is tolerable, at this point. My CT suggested "a longated hyoid bone & the posterior again abut the bilateral external carotid arteries’’ … I haven’t a clue what that means. My Dr. Had the disc, but not the actual readings. An oversight by myself, & primary Doc. The Dr. didn’t seem too concerned about the readings though? :thinking: The first time we traveled there, he was much more sympathetic. Not so much this time . Thanks for listening to my rambling, it’s been theraputic, also I don’t know what we’d do without you & your support. You’ve been here since I showed up 4 yrs ago. :purple_heart::butterfly::sunflower:

I am not sure if this sheds any light or will complicate things - but, I had left side done 1/7, right side done 7/15. Currently the right is settling nicely, but the left is VERY ANGRY. I am having more healing (I hope it’s healing) on the left than the right. . .

May I ask where?

It sounds possible that the hyoud bone processes could be elongated & maybe a cause? A new CT might shed light on that- we’ve had a few members with hyoid bone syndrome rather than ES, & have had surgery for that.
If you use the search function on the site, have a look for cold laser therapy- it’s definitely helped some with scar tissue so it might be worth looking into?

I haven’t ruled that out! Thanks for the resource. I tried to Google but didn’t get a lot of info

@Jules, @Nanners

Just a heads up on cold laser, it is CONTRAINDICATED for use over the thyroid. Also if there is any vascular stenosis it may increased the blood flow too much and you could run into trouble there. Just be sure to find a provider who understands the modality and ES very well . Good luck!

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lower left jaw. appears to be the facial nerve.

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That’s why these symptoms on my left are so confusing! Where did you have your surgery may I ask?

Mayo in Scottsdale

That place is amazing! The Mayo in Scottsdale diagnosing my ES , but at the time didn’t have a doctor who knew how to do the surgery. I was considering going back. Can I PM you and ask you more questions?What hospital did you go to?

Good point, will try to remember that…MusicGeek had the cold laser therapy, & she’s posted about that, she does mention about avoiding the thyroid

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