Facial pain after external surgery?

Four days after my surgery I developed some severe facial pain in my cheek right by my ear. It came on suddenly and it felt like I was being stung by a bee. Now it happens everytime I eat or drink, especially when eating. I’m also getting some pretty bad pain along my jawline when my pain meds wear off. The cheek pain happens no matter what time I took my meds when I’m eating or drinking. I had episodes of this before my surgery but it wasn’t as predictable or frequent. The throat, neck and ear pain is what drove me to get the surgery, facial pain hadn’t been much of a problem until now.
I have a follow up appt. with my surgeon later today so I hope he can shed
some light on this. I’m fussing about it now because the pain woke me up.
Anybody else have this problem after external surgery?


I did but it went away after a few weeks. I’m now 6 months post op and its totally gone.

My facial pain got worse too after surgery and when I ate or drank I would have a similar pain like yours. The first 3 weeks were REALLY bad for me the pain medication could not handle the amount of pain I was having. I woke up every night a couple times each night from the pain.

Doc said it was normal. I still have the same facial pain I had before surgery for over a year. But the other one is less and less with time and it has only been 6 weeks. Hang in there yours will go away it was not there before surgery. Not sure mine will since it was there before surgery for so long.

Sustain, I see we have a pattern here with some of us "post-op" eagle sufferers. After 5 weeks out of intraoral right styloid surgery, I still have those type of pains too, but to different, milder levels. Unfortunately, my right ear tinnitus is still there but keep researching that on the American Tinnitus Association web page. I do agree with Bigsbug and Ruth, I think we all need to give it time to see if things settle done better. Wishing and hoping the best for all of us in the future,

With Kind Regards,



That is good to hear. My tinnitus on my right side is pretty much gone but not the ear pain. I see Dr. Milligan next week for my 7 week post op. Keep me posted on your progress and I will update you on mine. Yes only time will tell for all of us.


I hope your tinnitus gets better too.


I had it too and temporarily, internally freaked out too :wink: That’s exactly what it felt like, bee or wasp stings.

I’m 3 weeks post op from an extraoral approach and all of those feelings are gone :slight_smile: I can even massage the incision site just to the side of the Adam’s apple with no pain or tingling!!

But my jaw on the right still gets super tired when I eat so I just eat small portions and still stick to easy foods. I had my left styloid removed on August 9th and will have my right one out extraorally as well before the year’s end! And none too soon because, it’s strange, now that the left is how it’s supposed to be I realize how jacked up and how bad the right side actually does feel!!! How do we live like this y’all lol!!! (We truly are troopers…)

We all heal at different rates and Sustain, I hope your bee stings begin to dissipate soon (if they haven’t already!!) Things are so raw in there after the surgeons are done digging out all of the calcification :confused: Funny thing is - I felt better walking out of the surgery center than I did walking in to have the surgery !!!

Feel better and remember to try to laugh a little :sunny:



How are you doing?