Finally the answer I've been looking for - hopefully

I’ve had almost constant pain on the right side of my face for about six months now. My pain seems to move around, so one minute it my lower jaw hurting, next thing, my inner ear hurts, there’s no pattern or consistency to it.
So far I’ve seen my GP, he referred me to a neurologist, the neurologist referred me to a neurosurgeon and finally I was referred to an ENT specialist.
After examination, the ENT has told me that he’s not 100% certain I have Eagle Syndrome, but due to my pain, and the elongated ligaments on my CT scan, he believes it’s worth removing the ligament on the right side.
I cried when I was given this solution, relieved to have a probable end to my pain. My surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday afternoon, fingers crossed this is the answer I’ve been hoping for
Thanks to everyone for sharing your stories xo

We wish you the best. If you have specific questions, needs to know, or in need of support we are here for you!

I like your name! Mostly I’m Owl with a little Eeyore, on bad days I have a little Piglet too! If only I could find the simple honey happiness of Pooh :wink:

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I’m glad that you don’t have long to wait! There’s lots of info about surgery in the Newbies Guide section, and also the past discussions can be helpful- they’re searchable by topic. If you have time, it might be a good idea to have a look so you’re prepared.
Hope all goes well, and let us know how you get on!

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Simple honey happiness - I like the sound of that!

I will definitely let you know how the surgery goes, thanks for your support

I’m praying for a wonderful outcome for you! Remember you will experience a bit of inflammation for up to a couple of months post-op so sometimes the final result appears gradually. However, there are often symptoms that go away immediately post-op as well.


Eeyore how are you doing? Haven’t heard how the surgery went…have the grey clouds parted yet? Are you living the life of Pooh now?

Thank you for checking up on me, my apologies for not updating
My wound site has been infected, on and​ off, since the surgery. My original pain eased down to pretty much nothing until about a week ago, but now it’s back, almost to it’s pre surgery level. My GP told me yesterday to contact the ENT surgeon again, but I’m not sure there’s anything else he can do.

I had a bit of an infection which increased my pain substantially until I got rid of the infection. If the infection is totally gone and you are having strong pain again is it the same type of pain in the same region, on the same side?

I know this is a lot of questions but some of the members on here might have some helpful insight for you based on your answers

I hope we can give you some useful advice,

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Yes, it’s exactly the same, same pain, same side, same location. I’m very hopeful that once the infection is gone, the pain will go too

Sorry to hear that you’re still having problems- seeing the ENT again might be an idea though, and maybe getting another CT scan done to see if there’s anything going on. If you’ve had infections all the nerves won’t have had a chance to heal fully. so it could be that, or there could be swelling causing problems from the infection… there might be a deeper infection. I’d certainly want to get it all looked at again- thinking of you.

Thanks for the suggestion, I had pretty much thought I was without options, but further investigation might be a good idea. I’ll contact the ENT and see what he thinks
Thanks for your continued support

I am glad that I checked in with you …I agree with Jules = that more investigation might be in order.) Nerves can get irritated when inflamed and respond like there is still something there even when it is gone [phantom nerve pain in missing feet for example] it does seem like it takes, but often the just take awhile to settle down.

Eeyore does take longer to get rid of the rain cloud then the rest of the Pooh’s Corner gang…but I believe you’ll be climbing trees for honey soon :wink:

Seems that ES surgery was not the answer. My ENT surgeon has shipped me back to the neurologist, who now says it’s TMJ, referred me to another specialist, earliest appointment I can get is September, meanwhile, the pain continues as it was pre surgery

Really sorry to hear that it’s not worked for you, and that you still don’t have a definite answer… I guess at least one thing has been ruled out. September is a long time to wait- has your neurologist tried you with any of the nerve pain medications before?
Thinking of you.

Sorry to hear you are still struggling. I hope the TMJ work wish t=your appointment was sooner. Keep us posted.