Had my Surgery June 2nd no improvement in symptoms(tinnitus etc)

Well I had surgery (down the throat) for my Eagles on June 2nd at University of MN Hospital. It was outpatient. The recovery was a painful week but no major complications. About 1.6 centimeters were removed(mine was actually sticking out so far into my throat you could plainly see with naked eye. Unfortunately after 3 weeks, my symptoms of dizzyness, sleep problems and tinnitus still persist. To anyone who has had these problems from Eagles am I being too eager or should I have noticed some relief by now? Was it a waste because the whole thing wasn't removed? Also the one on the other side is also elongated, but is it worth just taking another chunk off? It doesnt hurt, its the rest of the symptoms I am concerned about.

Hi crmfghtr,

I have not had the surgery yet, but suffer from the sleep problems and tinnitus. Could you tell me who your surgeon at the U of MN was and your ENT as I am in MN and have struggling even finding someone to take me seriously with my problems. They just think I have acid reflux and TMJ. Please let me know the names of your doctors! Thanks in advance.


Surgeon was Ondrey. However he doesn't remove the entire styloid, and so far I have not had relief from the symptoms from the partial removal. If it is bothering your throat or have facial pain I would go for the partial removal. But as far as I can tell now, I have had no relief from migraines, tinnitus or sleep problems. If you are looking for relief from sleep or ear ringing problems I wouldn't recommend a partial removal, as its a lot to go through for something that may not help you in that department.

Hello, I have been diganosed with Eagle syndrome on both sides. I had the surgery on the left side and had relief from my most painful symptons of facial pain. I have learned since then that tight muscles have a big effect on the body and can cause dizzyness and other painful issues with the face. I have had treatment to relax the tight muscles and work on my out of wack nervous system. I am doing much better. I have had work done at the myomassageclinic.com it is worth it to read up about what they do and look for a therapist in your area.

I am keeping the elongation in my right side because it is not currently causing me problems but I am always aware of it. My doctor said not to touch it unless something changes.

working on soft tissue, inflamation through diet and destressing, good posture has all helped me....maybe it could help you too?