Fed up

Hi everyone well went to see ENT today and yes i have eagles syndrome on both sides, right side more elongated than the left, but apparently surgery wont get rid of my symptoms, ahhhh!!

sending me to a pain clinic, wot a surprise.

Wasnt very nice examination, fingers down my throat, pressing to left then right, they say its really rare

but surgery doesnt always help the symptoms.

Fed up,


Oh, and leaving them in will?!!! It doesn't always help, and there is a risk to the surgery, but surely that should be your decision? Has your ENT done any surgery?

I'm finding the amitryptiline is helping me at the moment, but it's in the back of my mind that presumably the pain's being caused by the styloid pressing on a nerve, which therefore presumably will be damaging it. And at some point perhaps the pain medication won't work at all...

Has anyone else found that they can live with this, not had the op, and for how long?

How do you feel about it, Kazza, do you want an operation? If so, are you going to think about seeing someone else?

Where are you?


You need new Drs asap. That is NOT something they can predict. Surgery is the answer and will help symptoms more so than any pain management.

Hi all, I have lived with Eagles since 2008. Pain never gets any better. Problem for me in no one inAust has ever operated on it. Most doctors don’t believe Eagles syndrome exists. So frustrating

They said it might not help my son either, but we insisted on the surgery and he is PAIN FREE now. Please find a new doctor to remove those styloids!