Fevers of unknown origin

Has anyone here experienced chronic fevers several months post-surgery. I have had fevers of unknown origin for the past two years, starting 3 months post-op. My doctors cannot figure out what is causing them- and we have pursued many lines of questioning. We really do not think it is related to the surgery or removal of the ossified ligament, but thought I would give it a shot in here, just to be sure. I sometimes wonder if the removal of the ligament caused some readjustments in the neck area that could have triggered something. I mean I had a pretty big bone in my neck for an extremely long time, and I’m sure my neck had kind of accommodated it …and then when it was taken out, who knows… Anyway, if anyone has had a similar issue, please reply. Thanks

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It’s not something that I’ve ever read about anyone having, I’m afraid, so can’t help… but I hope that you do get to the bottom of it. Not nice! :hugs:

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Hi pamdaviscva,

Do you have any other symptoms w/ your fevers? How long do the fevers last?

Your situation is unique as far as I know but it will be interesting to see if anyone responds w/ a similar problem.

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Not any kind of medical advise here, and I’m sure you are being thorough getting everything checked, but just throwing it out there. My husband had fevers of unknown origin for almost two years- high fever with no other symptoms, they would last 2-3 days and then be completely gone for a month, only to return again. He was finally diagnosed with kidney cancer (stage 1) in 2013, at 29 years old. He has his kidney tumor removed and now is cancer free (and fever free) for five years!
Have you had an abdominal CT scan?

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I do not, nor have I heard of anyone who has, have/had this symptom. I hope you find the answer.
I would check out that abdominal CT Scan that TonsilPainsMe spoke of just to be safe.
:pray: you find answers.


Thanks for all of your quick replies. I figured it was a long shot since i have read so many posts on here and have never seen anything like that. Isaiah_40_31, my fevers are daily, usually in the morning and low-grade around 100 or so, last about three hours and then somedays end with a slight headache. No other symptoms than memory and attention problems. We have looked at allergies, hormones, infections, auto-immune diseases, tick-borne diseases, cancer-markers, and the list goes on. TonsilPainsMe, I have had an abdominal ultrasound, but not CT. We have also done a chest CT and brain MRI. My doc is being very thorough it seems, but we have not gone to CT of the abdomen. I am so glad your husband’s kidney cancer is gone now!! That is just wonderful news!! Again, thanks everyone for responding. Just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss something that had been reported on here since I knew I had not read everything over the past couple of years.

very glad that your husband had treatment in time & is now well!

My son had spells of high temps- would be like it for a few days but no other symptoms… he eventually had measles , & once over that didn’t have them any more. We presumed that he kept fighting it off for a while until it eventually got hold. Maybe it’s your immune system trying to kick out something foreign, like a calcification which shouldn’t be there?

pamdaviscva ~

Have you looked into food allergies or just environmental? Gluten seems to be the current food “bad guy” & there are a huge range of symptoms that come w/ gluten sensitivity (you don’t have to be gluten intolerant to react to it). Might be worth it to check into that if you haven’t already.
Just trying to help you leave no stone unturned.

I have been styloid free for a few years now. I had non classical Eagles. So my styloid was too long my whole life . I used to have a period of about 4 years when I had a low grade fever. It eventually went away on its own. I would think eagles could cause this but no ENT would believe it. When I had my fever they finally diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and that is what I believed I had most of my life until my dentist noticed the bone in my tonsil! Thank god for her!

Thank you so much for sharing. I am so glad your fevers went away. That is great news. I so appreciate your sharing this

After my surgery, I had no high fevers. I have been pain free and just living life. I am blessed. Hope you eventually get better.

I love being pain-free now. It is such a blessing. Hopefully these fevers will just go away, too. Thank you for your well wishes.

pamdaviscva ~

How are you doing now? Did you ever find the cause of the fevers? Hopefully they’ve resolved now & you’re getting on with your life.

They have gone away- thank you for asking. It was apparently related to a benign tumor I had on my ovaries causing high surges of hormones and has now been resolved. Glad to have finally found the source

Thank you for replying. I’m so glad the cause was found & dealt with. I hope you’re feeling GREAT now!!

Where are you located? Who was your dentist that diagnosed you and what surgeon did you use?

I am located in the Kansas City Metro area. I went to Dr. Sale at KU Medical Center hospital. The dentist who diagnosed it was Dr. Ruwwe in St. Joseph MO.

Hadassa so Happy yo read you could keep with your normal lifeeeeee!! Who did your surgery??

Rosanaturrero, I had my surgery in Norman, OK., a town just south of Oklahoma City, OK. My surgeon’s
name was R.Layon Runkle at Norman Regional Hospital. He was a professor who taught at the University
of Oklahoma Medical School. He also had his medical practice in Norman, OK.

Dr. Greg Krempl was the one who diagnosed me and sent me to Dr. Runkle. Dr. Runkle has since passed but,
Dr. Krempl is still with OU Physicians at the Stephenson Cancer Center. He told me last year that he will still
see ES patients.

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