Finally Happening

After waiting over six months I had my consult with Dr. Hepworth. I thought I would only get 20-30 minutes but it went for almost two hours, which surprised me big time. My surgery is scheduled for May 1st. and I’m both nervous and excited to be finally getting on the right track. This community has been such a big help. Any advice to prep for the surgery and recovery would be greatly appreciated.


That’s phenomenal that you had your initial consult & were able to get onto Dr. Hepworth’s surgery schedule so quickly. I’m glad things came together for you after such a long wait for your consult.

You can find many posts about surgery prep & prep for post op self care on our forum Here’s a link to one discussion:

That’s good news! If you search for what to expect after surgery or something like that there’s lots of posts, and also some info in the Newbies guide Section too, including a link to a ‘surgery shopping list’ one of our members suggested:
ES Information- Treatment: Surgery - Welcome / Newbies Guide to Eagle Syndrome - Living with Eagle
Hope that your symptoms aren’t too bad while you wait…