Surgery scheduled...grateful but nervous

I’m finally moving forward with treatment after 2 1/2 years. I’m just getting the right side taken care of this go-around as I’ve been dealing with nerve pain on that side. It’s just the calcified ligament that needs removed and will be done externally.

Does anyone have some post-op/recovery suggestions or just some thoughts on what I should expect? I’m grateful to be getting this done but it’s my first surgery ever and I’m a little (or maybe a lot) nervous about it. I live by myself and have some friends coming to help the first day or so and have people I know I can call if I need more help after that.

Thank you in advance!

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@Jules wrote a very thorough post about surgery & recovery. You can read it here:

I’m glad you have friends who can help you after surgery. Some people don’t feel too bad by a couple of days post op whereas others it takes a week or so. It depends somewhat on what you end up taking for pain meds. I found Percocet which was Rxed post op was very helpful along w/ a course of Prednisone, but the Percocet made me loopy so having help for the first week was great. Recently, a number of our members have found Extra Strength Tylenol is enough after the first day. It’s best to closely follow your doctor’s instructions regarding pain meds.


Well I am there with you @Becc87 , we have got such a great support team here
I look forward to hearing about your successful procedure and healing


Yes, as @Isaiah_40_31 said there’s lots of info in the Newbies guide Section & a link to a surgery shopping list one of our members put together, so some ideas for you…
Sleeping part upright will help with the swelling, and using ice packs wrapped in towels. You may find eating hard the first week, so have smoothies etc ready. Take it very easy, if you overdo things you can set healing back.
Great that you have some help! Hope that it goes well for you, have you got a definite date yet?


It will be on September 26th, so not too far away.

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@Becc87 - is your ENT friend doing your surgery or did you end up seeing someone else? Glad the surgery date is coming soon! I’ve marked it on my calendar so I can pray for you especially that day. :two_hearts: :hugs:

@Isaiah_40_31 It is the ENT i knew prior to all this. He and his family are actually part of my church family. It definitly has helped me feel more comfortable in this process knowing he has chosen to live and work by the standards of God not men.

Thank you so much for being faithful to prayer for myself and the others walking this journey!


What a blessing for you, @Becc87. May God guide his hands as he does your surgery. :heart: :pray:

We’d be happy to add his name to our Doctors List if he’s willing once you’ve had surgery & we know the outcome is good. We sure could use another good ES doctor on our list!

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That’s great, will pray too :hugs: :pray:

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5 days post-op and doing okay. Surgery went well. The pain is tolerable with OTC pain meds at this point. My styloid process on the right was apparently 4 cm long in addition to the calcified ligament. The surgeon I saw is still hesitant that this will fix the pain I’ve dealt with as there’s no way to confirm that’s what was causing it which I can understand but after years of looking for answers this is where I ended up at. It’s discouraging but I’m hoping the results will speak for themselves. Even at this point with the inflammation still there, my throat already feels like there’s less pressure on it/not something stuck in my throat all the time which I’m grateful for.

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So pleased that you’ve notice a bit of an improvement already, and that you’re able to manage the pain with otc meds, that’s good! That’s a good length of styloid to be rid of, so hopefully it will make a big difference, even if you’re surgeon is being guarded!
Take care of yourself, God Bless :hugs: :bouquet: :pray: