Finally Made My Consult Appt.With Dr. Samji

I’m set for my consult appointment with Dr. Samji in mid-September. That was a tough decision to make since I am so nervous, but my symptoms were getting nothing but worse. Thanks to everyone who supported me.

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Glad that you’ve thought everything through, you’ve chosen a good doctor. Are you seeing him or is it a phone consult? There’s lots of info about the best scans, CT protocol for his office you can search for if you do need it.
Best wishes, let us know how you get on!

I’ll be having a face to face visit. I like actually meeting first.

Yes, I think it helps if you can meet face to face, not always possible with distances. I’m sure all will go well!

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Congratulations on taking this giant step, kaytee! I hope you feel as good about him after your consult as I did after mine.


If it helps your nerves at all, I want to let you know that I am 9 days post op with Dr. Samji and virtually pain free. I’m taking it very slow and trying my best to follow the directions he gave. I take Tylenol about every other day for minor incisional pain. I have been using ice gel packs throughout the day.
I am totally amazed how much better I feel.
Hope this helps, it’s ok to be anxious, but just breathe and know that you will be in a better place!!

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Thanks for your positive words. It’s consoling to know your surgery went well – for both you and me! I am not so much worried about pain as I am about swelling. With these nasty styloids, it takes nothing for my head to swell internally. In fact, there is always some minor swelling in the left ear/sinuses/nose/neck. I can’t take prednisone, but perhaps, Samji can give me a cortisone injection. That’s what the urgent care doctors have been doing, and it really helps knock down the swelling. It frightening not to be able to breathe and have a migraine on top of that!

Thanks again for your kind words. Keep me updated.

Why can’t you take prednisone?

Side effects. Severe diarrhea.

I had my surgery with Dr Samji a bit over 6 weeks ago and started with the first bite syndrome within a week of it. I can’t take prednisone nor cortisone at all (side affects) so he warned me my recovery will just take longer including pain, swelling, etc. Sure beats the terrible symptoms i had before the surgery and still glad i did it. I’m lucky his office is like 15 minutes from my home. Well worth the travel for those that do.

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I am able to take cortisone injections, so maybe that’s a possibility.