48 Hours Post-op with Dr. Samji

Last fall I was diagnosed with bilateral elongated styloids. The left side was measured at 4.2 cm and the right side 5.6 cm with impingement of my internal carotid artery. I haven’t really had any symptoms on my left side, but I’ve had numerous symptoms on the right. After doing a lot of research I decided to proceed with Dr. Samji to resolve the issues with my right styloid.

I flew in from Idaho and my surgery was Monday 7/9/18 at 9:15. Prior to surgery Dr. Samji advised me that the surgery would take about 1.5 hours. Mine took about 2 hours, because, when he got in there he found that I had complex vascular and nerve involvement.

Time will tell but the neck pain, throat pain, dizzy spells, everything seems to be resolved. I’ve had very little pain post-op. My tongue and lower right jaw are numb but that will go away with time. I took my pain pills for the first 24 hours but am now comfortably on Tylenol for pain. I’ve been able to eat and drink whatever I want…had pizza and salad the evening after my surgery. I walked about 1 mile today and am feeling great. I still get a little tired, but that is common after surgery. I had way more pain when I had my two dental implants done.

All I have to say is Dr. Samji and everyone involved has been amazing. He is an amazing surgeon, very personable and great bed side manner. I have my follow-up appointment with him this Friday and will fly back to Idaho on Saturday.

My ENT in Idaho has seen a few cases of Eagle’s. He said all the issues I was having was due to stenosis in my C5/C6 vertebrae. His surgery approach was shaving off the styloid via oral approach, but said he would not recommend surgery. If you have an ENT that doesn’t know much about Eagle’s make sure you only see an ENT that is intimately aware of ES and has done over 200 surgeries…that would be Dr. Samji and/or Dr. Cognetti.


Great news! I’m glad that you’re noticing some improvements already. Just a note of caution- days 3 &4 can sometimes be worse, & there can be swelling which might upset recovery a little- just take it easy & don’t rush to ‘get back to normal’; I’ve been there & set things back!
Best wishes for a speedy recovery & for updating & encouraging others! God Bless …

High everyone it’s buzzzzzzy had surgery Wednesday with the master Dr. Samji and his amazing staff at Good Samaritan amen and alohaaaaaa to you all best experience in a hospital ever doing fine he said it was very long and thick so it’s gine forever and I’m doing well going to shower for the first time in four days and then go have a bite to eat I can eat still on my pain meds it very sore and swollen so ice and rest and sleep for me today and tomorrow see how I feel through the weekend blessings to you all and dr Samji is a saint and god bless you and your ohana blessings papa buzzzzzzy amen


So glad this is behind you & now for healing, healing, healing. Hope your symptoms disappear w/ each passing day!


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idahojoe -
Glad you were able to travel to see Dr. Samji. It’s great that you’ve seen such good improvement already! Don’t be put off if some of your old symptoms come & go as you heal. Nerve recovery takes quite a while & requires much patience.

Also bear in mind that the symptoms caused by the remaining styloid are likely to flare up now that one is gone. Don’t know why it happens but it often does. Hopefully all goes well so you can get that other one resected ASAP!!

Please send in different format buzz eagle

Today is nervous day - my surgery with Dr Samji is tomorrow morning. I sure hope he has a relaxing day today and tonight!!

It’s normal to be nervous. I know I was last Sunday before my surgery. Dr. Samji and his surgical staff are amazing and you’ll be in great hands. Everything will be great and you’ll no longer be hostage to Eagle’s.

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You have to just give it over to them. They are very experienced. You’ll be going in then next thing you know they’re offering you otter pops (I recommend the green ones). Just be very patient with the healing and have lots of ice bags or frozen peas ready!

I’m glad your second surgery went well, & hope that you’re totally over ES now! Praying for a swift recovery for you, & hope at some point you’ll be able to get home to the Big Island…

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Best wishes for your surgery, I’ll be praying that all goes well & that you soon feel better. Let us know when you can how you are. God Bless, Jules


Amen blessings to all snd a eagles free life ahead wow that sounds amazing epic beautiful and scary all in the same motion god bless you and your ohana Dr. Samji Alohaaaaaa eagles syndrome there is life after eagles syndrome amen brosurfer buzzzzzzy

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Fabulous news - another success story! I go back and forth with this surgery thing and it may have something to do with my symptoms on any particular day or the intensity of said symptom! I know in my heart I want to have the surgery because I want so badly to have my life back before I am too old to enjoy it! I have suffered with this almost half my life! Hearing a success story helps so much.
I found it interesting that you mentioned implants…have you suffered with clenching/tmj/teeth pain in general with the ES? It has been one of my strong 24/7 symptoms.

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So happy for you! I hope and pray that you continue in your healing. I want that for all of the people who are suffering with this problem. Some are on that merry-go-round that doesn’t want to let you get off. Physicians who do not know about ES can send you on a rabbit trail. Glad you are doing well.

Have the surgery! Quit analyzing too much…Fear will keep you in your misery. Walk in faith. Start living…


This is so encouraging to hear. I just got my notification from Samji’s office that my scans and report definitely indicate I qualify for treatment. I thought I would be relieved when I finally got the message, but I am terrified. I need a few days to process this reality.

Glad your surgery went well. Thank you for sharing.

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Hi kaytee!

As you’re pondering the surgery idea, consider this perspective - your quality of life is suffering from ES. If you have surgery, there is a high probability that you’ll be able to return to your normal routine w/in a few months & leave your current modified lifestyle behind. For me that was a risk worth taking.

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:)))amen good luck and remember trust Dr. Samji and breath alohaaaaaa buzzzzzzy

Good luck and may God watch over you during your surgery and recovery.

So happy for you and keep leaning toward that relieved part and kick that terror wench to the curb!!! On the other hand…I feel you - LOL
I do believe these folks here know of what they speak and you gotta have faith that things will be so much better with the surgery. If you don’t do it, you have a pretty good picture of how things will finish out…PAINFULLY!