Finally surgery tomorrow!

Forgot my password, but finally reset it.

After months and months of doctors, ENT’s, neurologists, ER visits, loads of primary visits, Dr. Chang at Henry Ford will be performing my styloidectomy tomorrow.

I have bilateral, but only the left causes symptoms at this point. 10 years ago was the first symptom with the past 7 months being excruciating.

Started with a lump in the throat. Now neck, ear pain, painful swallowing, painful yawning. I can feel the bone protruding out in the tonsil area ( had them removed 10 years ago. I always had issues with the left side). Neck and shoulder muscle seizing. Left sided headache that a styloid injection took away a month ago.I’ve also had a sensation of nasopharynx blockage and a blocked eustachian tube sensation on the left side. I am praying the surgery takes most of this away.

Hi there! It’s nice to meet you! I’m a mom of four too. You must be so excited!!

Your symptoms sound awful. This is the beginning of a new chapter for you!

Summer is a great time for surgery - the kids will hopefully be able to help you out a little with water, ice packs or whatever you need. It’s time for you to take care of Mom!!!

Let us know how it all goes!!!:blush::purple_heart:

Thanks for the encouraging words! I saw you just recently had yours done.

I am so optimistic with all of the people finally feeling relief!

My kids and husband were relieved when we finally figured out the slow decline of a normally vibrant energetic mom/wife!

Same here - my husband wanted surgery to be the next day when I was diagnosed. 6 months later I see the finish line.

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So glad to see your long road of suffering is coming to an end and you have lots of family support! Hope to hear about your success story as the days unfold. Sending you complete healing goodness and wisdom for your surgical team :sunflower:


Thank you for letting us know. Glad you’ve been reading & learning from this forum. With kiddos at home, it’s important for you to remember NOT TO over-extend yourself too soon post op. When you start feeling better, there’s a tendency to jump in w/ both feet & GO, GO, GO! Don’t let that happen. Dip your toe in “the stream” & “test the current”. Enter gradually. Overdoing early on will slow healing & cause pain & frustration that you don’t want to revisit. Let your family & friends help you on days you’re tired or feeling weaker. No SuperMomming for about 2-3 months & maybe not even then.

Thoughts to store in the back of your mind: I’m sure you’ve read on this forum that often, once the first styloid/ligament is/are removed, the symptoms caused by the second one can begin to flare. We tend to think that if we only have symptoms on one side, the other side is asymptomatic - which is sometimes but not always the case. Symptoms caused by one side can cross over to the other side. I’m telling you this so that if you do have symptoms that persist post op, you don’t feel like your first surgery was a failure. There is a good chance that residual symptoms are coming from the remaining styloid. I want you to be prepared “just in case…”

I am excited you’re almost to your surgery day. Please let us know how everything goes once you feel up to it post op. I’ll add you to my calendar & will pray for you & your surgeon tomorrow.

:bouquet: :hugs:

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Thanks for all the tips!

Definitely hard because we are moving in a month and a half.

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Also, I’ve always thought, because I do have it bilaterally, the more painful side over shadows the less symptomatic side.

We will keep an eye on the other.

No good time in family life is there? No packing for you for 2 weeks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I second that packing advise!!! Pretty sure the “BLT” rule applies after ES surgery…no bending, lifting or twisting, easy goes :smirk: Hope those little hands can help out!


My oldest is 15, he will have to help with the packing lifting! :slight_smile:


That is a good & logical thought process, Tiredmomma4.

Good luck with your surgery, I feel blessed to have a diagnosis after 3 months…you truly deserve respite now! Fingers crossed for you.x

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Thank you everyone for the thoughts today. I will give updates as I can.


18 h post surgery and lots of pain under incision and numbness from ear to stitches. When swallowing feels like I had my tonsil removed on the left side. Weird sensation in my ear like increased blockage and clicking sensation when upright walking. Hoping it resolves with decreased swelling.

Hi! Numb here all in that area still at 3 weeks. To tell you the truth I only got feeling back on my first side very recently from my Jan 10th surgery. I have/had all kinds of clicking, popping, crackling after each surgery. Trying very hard not to take it too seriously. Let’s encourage each other not to over analyze right now.

How’s your ability to eat/chew?

I have been numb over incision and jaw since 1/7. Dr. said would take 6 months to a year - so I am working on patience. Keep the faith!

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Thanks to you both @sjlash @SewMomma!

I was trying to research natural nerve growth supplements.
Also have read regrowth is slow So patience is definitely key!
Eating is interesting.sticking to soft foods because of sore throat, probably from breathing tube, and sore in ear/ jaw joint.

I sucked on Vick’s cough drops for 4 days after surgery. Terrible sore throat.

A little nervous to share the initial picture because the incision seems quite large compared to others and im not quite sure why yet. I have yet to ask my follow up questions. This is before the swelling kicked in.

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