First bite syndrome follow up

I have an idea to share with those who have first bite syndrome. Doctor told me that FBS symptoms may be improved if I drink water, then massage the area of the parotid briefly, THEN eat immediately afterward. Seems to be working (and makes me look ridiculous while I’m rubbing:).


Whatever works! I assume you drink & massage before eating as in the bite you take after drinking & massaging is your “first bite” of the meal. I’ve had FBS for 4+ years & have found that if I keep myself very hydrated (80-100 oz of water/herb tea per day) then my FBS symptoms are less intense or non-existent. I tend to only massage my parotid gland when I have symptom flares. Your order of doing all this makes much more sense than mine i.e. treat it BEFORE it happens not during or after. :+1: :joy:

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That’s good info, thanks for sharing! I get the odd bout of it still, 4 years later also. Seems to be sweet stuff that sets it off.

That’s quite interesting. My FBS is mostly triggered by salty foods. I’ll see if the massage helps.

I am 6 weeks post op and I have FBS. I can have the pain and tingling even before I put the food in my mouth. Sometimes the pain is sharp but mostly its a “softer” pain/spasm like a severe reaction to sour, though all food, and sometimes drinking liquids can set it off - not water. If I remember its going to happen I am ready. If I forget its usually a shocker.

My way to cope is:
I anticipate, answer the door and welcome it in. Then I am ready. No one really likes a visitor to pop in without some advanced warning. The painful response before putting anything in my mouth helps to prepare. Now I know what Pavlov’s dogs may have felt.


Great comparison to Pavlov’s dog and the welcoming of a surprise guest, BG! I LOVE those pics! The good news is that in most cases FBS goes away completely. In a few, it doesn’t but the symptoms become less severe as time passes. As mine has stuck w/ me, I’m finding that even five years post op, FBS is continuing to become less of a problem for me i.e. symptoms occur less frequently & are less intense. Who would have thought nerves would still be recovering this much later!!

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