Food after surgery

As i enter my journey trough surgery and recovery at the end off this month, i have to remember to feed myself :smile:

Im thinking about some homemade soups would hit the spot!

So what are your top soup dishes to make ? :thinking:

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I have several that I love… Will send in a few when I have a gap in my day )).

I made large batches and froze them in quart size freezer bags. To defrost them I found it was easier to cut them out of the bags while frozen and then either thaw or put in the microwave. Otherwise a lot of the soup stayed in the bag.


My top favourite is spicy carrot & lentil soup- for one person toast coriander & cumin seeds, then grind them up. Fry half an onion in a little oil, add in the spices, 2 carrots chopped into chunks, 5g orange lentils and 300mls veg stock. Simmer until the carrots are tender, maybe 20-30 mins, keep an eye on whether you need any more stock, & then blitz it.
I had lots of smoothies too- my favourite was juiced pineapple and spinach, then made into a smoothie with banana and yoghurt. You can add protein powder or spirulina powder too…
Good idea getting prepared!


I do also blended frozen spinach, ice, water, and a little bit of juice whatever flavor you like. Found that the spinach basically has no flavor so so can add flavor of the month and it’s delicious. It’s also soothing on your throat.


If you like ginger and coconut milk… This is fabulous. I do use only one can of coconut milk. And I do add either lime juice or lemon grass paste… (that’s just how I cook it on a regular basis). Certainly not necessary. And for surgery I blended and froze it. It was really good.

Edit… I typically don’t add the yogurt and I think she says mint I can’t remember which… But you might can try it before surgery and see what you like if this is something you might enjoy.


That looks lovely!

Another good one is butternut squash soup. I don’t use a recipe, but there are certainly or many to choose from.

I roast the butternut squash in the oven. (I cut it in half and lay it flat on a parchment paper prior to roasting).

I chopped two onions and two green apples. I cook the onions and sweat them down and then add the green apples and let them cook and then I add chicken broth or veggie broth. Add in the butternut squash pulp.

If you like cream or whole milk is a nice addition if you can handle it. And then I blend it and add salt to taste.


While this thread is about food after surgery, as I wait for my own surgery, I have found that ginger tea with honey after every meal is remarkably effective in reducing my otherwise severe gastric symptoms.

We know that the primary mechanism by which ES causes gastric symptoms is compression of the vagus nerve causing reductions in gastrointestinal motility, i.e., the speed at which food exits the gut.

There is a good amount of evidence that ginger targets this exact mechanism by speeding up GI motility.

Ginger is not just delicious. Gingerol , a natural component of ginger root, benefits gastrointestinal motility ― the rate at which food exits the stomach and continues along the digestive process. Eating ginger encourages efficient digestion, so food doesn’t linger as long in the gut.,as%20long%20in%20the%20gut.


Ginger and garlic is a god given gift !

Always have some ginger&honey tea and eat a half clove off garlic whenever i got the nasty flu.


Sounds freaking lovely ! And cheap :drooling_face:


Adding the apples sounds like it brings balance to the falvours, defintly want to try this one out !

Remember making curry chiken soup with apples and carrots toped with some mint, the best soup i have ever made :star_struck:



Seems like we have some recipies to try out after surgery :star_struck: