Surgery done

Had surgery today at 9:30.Everything went good and I’m home sipping some soup. I had it done inter orally but had previously already had a tonsillectomy. He cut about and inch off, and my only symptom was the feeling of something being stuck in the throat. The bone was palpable when touched with a finger making it easy to locate.

Feeling confident this will heal me, and I will keep you updated as I heal up. But so far Id give pain about a 5 and easily controlled with pain medication

I’ll pray for your full healing. So glad you are able to eat soup! :slight_smile: Comgrats!

Day 2. This has actually been a breeze so far knock on wood. Already weening down on the pain medication. Still feel the stitches and its swollen so I can’t tell if the symptom is gone. But I’m hopeful that it is!

Great news BDR! Hope your recovery continues to go well and that the symptom is resolved.

Hope that your recovery continues well!!

Day 3-4 were the worst pain days, as most surgeries seem to be. Slept a lot. Day 5 and 6 backing off the pain killers and skipping the mid day one. Still cant tell if the surgery helped, but I'm hopeful! This surgery was not as bad as a tonsillectomy.

Continued prayers are going up for you. :slight_smile: It is so hard to be “patient” Lol.I don’t know when you had the tonsillectomy, but tonsils are in the same proximity in a place that’s having all sorts of inflammation problems.Baby that throat! Hang in there it will get better:-)