Help ! need some answers


I am new here and just looking for some answers to some questions that I have

I guess I have had this elongated styloid for sometime but why all of a sudden am I having this feeling of something stuck inside my throat ? I guess it may have been the viral infection that brought it to a head but I find it very bizarre it has came on all of a sudden - I had a feeling years ago but it subsides after a week or so (although I was constantly clearing throat)

Also - I can understand I have a bone in mouth but why does it cause the feeling of it being in m throat ? it is because its under tongue muscles and pushing some sort of nerve?

More importantly is there anything that can ease the symptoms of this feeling. I guess I am lucky I don’t have all the other symptoms and it isn’t sore as such - its really just an annoyance that gets to me - I find it is like groundhog day - walk up brush teeth and bam feeling returns and it is relentless for the full day. Is there anything that can ease these symptoms - the only relief I get is when I eat something

I burst into ears yesterday and I am sure everyone can emphasis with me.

the ENT doctor wasn’t that helpful although he did diagnose the condition but wouldn’t perform the surgery given his inexperience of the condition. full CT scan Wed and then I guess ill need to insist NHS deal with it.

Thank you for the Doctor list that are aware of the condition - the closest to me is Kilmarnock which is only 30 miles away so I am hopeful !

thanks in advance


The feeling of something being stuck in your throat is sometimes called globus sensation; if you google it they don’t know all the causes but it can be caused bt nerve irritation. So it may not be the styloid blocking the throat , but pushing on a nerve which gives that sensation.
Who knows why the ES symptoms come on suddenly? They often come on gradually but equally lots of members have woken up with symptoms, or sneezed, or yawned & it’s set them off. Mine came on gradually, but then developed into vascular symptoms. ES can be caused by tonsillectomy, neck trauma, ageing, metabolic disorders…
I hope that you’re able to get help locally if you decide to go down the surgery route. If you don’t want to have surgery you can have steroid or painkilling injections into the area which can help manage the symptoms, but they won’t cure ES. There’s info about treatments in the Newbies Guide section.