RB : post surgical update day 5

Hello Everyone,

Well, today is day 5 and I feel so good I feel guilty! I am not taking the strong pain pills, just Tylenol and ibuprofen every 4-6 hrs as needed. I am taking 2000mg of vit C 3 times a day. I was icing until last night. The swelling is mostly gone. I am eating normal food, although chewing is fatiguing to chew hard or tough food, so medium soft food is still best. Yawning is still painful. The cut feels tight where the scar if forming, I am trying to stretch my neck a bit by turning it and looking up so it is not to tight later. All in all, I have to say I feel pretty good though. I am up and moving around. I am still taking it easy until I finish the first week, no heavy lifting or physical activity. Then I hope to gradually get back into my normal routine.

The lump in my throat is gone; the pressure in my neck feels relieved. My voice is coming back. I did have a headache yesterday but I am wondering if it was from the medication, a rebound headache. It is gone today so I am glad about that.

I have to say I am very pleased with Dr. Morzaria's work so far.

Thank you all for your encouragement and prayers on my behalf.


Dear R.B
so happy to hear that you are better. yay :-D. I hope that you will continue to feel better day by day. i hopethat your daugther too soon will recover.

-Eagle Rose

Hi R.B.,

Thank you for keeping us updated on your status. Praying that both you and your daughter have a speedy recovery.


Very encouraging...thank you for that.

Fantastic news R.B. Best wishes on a continued good recovery.

Great news! So thrilled for you! So encouraging for those who have
Eagles in BC!

" I feel so good I feel guilty!"

this is a good thing, that is about where I am now since dr cognetti fixed me up.

the sad part is that this stuff has to go on so long before anyone can figure out what is wrong and get it taken care of.

it takes so long that every day life is a chore just to get up and go, after so long, that seems normal and when you feel good again, good has been gone for so long, good is now odd.

don't feel guilty, just keep moving forward, you earned it

That is great news! I´m so happy to hear that your recovery is going so well:-)

So glad you are feeling better and have a quick recovery. Just curious was the styloid compressing any vascular vessels?

Yes, I have a post op appointment in 4 weeks. So I can ask all my questions then.


I am so happy for this as well. I had to really look high and low to find a surgeon here in BC. Have you had a chance to call him? It would seem as a specialist, you might be able to talk to him and get some good answers.


tmjdentist said:

Great news! So thrilled for you! So encouraging for those who have
Eagles in BC!


I am SO happy for your. Please do not feel guilty, long. Keep up the good healing. I am eager to hear what you find out from the doctor at your 4 wk post-op appt and what the doctor found when he went in.

How is your daughter healing? Rib injuries can be very painful. I hope she is healing as well as her mom. Sending you a gentle hug.