Got a call from my ENT, want me to come in for a follow up after receiving CT scan results

Well, just what the title says.
I got a call from the assistant to my ENT this morning and they want me to come in for a follow-up tomorrow morning to go over the results of my CT scan.
Every symptom I have can be explained by ES so I am trying not to spiral but it is alarming me. No one likes to hear they have to come back for a follow-up after getting any type of tests done.
Please send good thoughts and well wishes my way. I will update once I see the doctor tomorrow.
Thank you everyone for the continued support.

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Thinking of you, hope that the ENT confirms ES & so you can move forward. Sending you a hug :hugs:


I agree w/ Jules! Looking forward to hearing what you learn and glad you got the call back because you should know what your CT scan shows even if it’s not ES!