Thoughts about Head and Neck Surgeon/Dr Cognetti

I recently sent in my scan to Dr. Cognetti’s office. I have not been diagnosed with eagles and asked him to look at my scans. I received a call today and the nurse said I could set up an appointment telemedicine. I am a bit exhausted so I did not ask any questions just took the info. I have an appointment next week. Can I assume that because I have an appointment that there is reason to believe he saw something on my scan? I know some Drs will set up an appointment when they haven’t even looked at your scans but I assumed that because he is a surgeon he wouldn’t be seeing me unless there was a reason to see me? Is my assumption wrong? I don’t want to get my hopes up for an answer only to hear that my scan looks normal. Thoughts? I am trying not to over analyze here but 3 years of pain any hope looks good right now

If you sent your CT scan to Dr. Cognetti for a potential ES diagnosis, I would hope that he wouldn’t waste his time & yours with a telephone conference if he had nothing to tell you. It seems logical to me that he’s seen something he deems worth talking to you about whether it’s ES or something else.

Please keep us posted as to the outcome of your conversation with him.

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I hope that it goes well- wouldn’t want to get your hopes up either, but like Isaiah says, it would be wasting his time as well as yours if he said ‘no, nothing wrong’! Maybe someone who’s seen him can chip in too.
Let us know how you get on!