Happy New Year Everyone

Whether you are dealing with Eagle Syndrome’s myriad symptoms or waiting for surgery or dealing with post-surgery pain or seeking diagnoses, I am wishing you and your family happy new year. I hope 2022 is better year for everyone’s wish to recover, get diagnosed or find a suitable treatment/intervention.

For those of you who like music humor, right now, I feel like the song from 80s by Gloria Stefan (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAEil3_D03k). Particularly, the following line from the song.

Hey doctor, could you give me something
To ease the pain, to ease the pain
'Cause if you don’t help me soon
I’m gonna lose my brain, gonna go insane

Happy New year!!!


Thank you, KoolDude. Wishing you a wonderful, more pain-free year in 2022. Hopefully there will be the beginning of change in the Canadian healthcare system in 2022.

Good job on selecting apropos song lyrics!

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Thanks! Wishing you a healthier 2022 & that you get somewhere with treatment!

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those lyrics … yes good choice. happy new year to you as well

I’m booking an appointment with Dr Samji - done with Ontario’s rabbit hole healthcare


@bmcdiddie I can definitely understand your frustration with Ontario healthcare system. I wish you all the best with Dr. Samji. Did you try to get referred to Dr Vitor Pereira or Dr Julain Spears at St. Mikes? Dr Vitor Pereira is Vein Specialist and quite familiar with ES. He did tell me that he is going to send me to Skull base surgeon here in Toronto to remove the left Styloid process. I am still waiting for them to give me the details of the Surgeon. I think due to the holiday, I do not expect any answer from them until late Jan 2022. Will let you know who they refer me to?

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No I was referred to Dr Yoo but I have a history at St Michaels so maybe that is a better option. Which of the two do you recommend for referral? Dr Pereira? do you know who the skull base surgeon is? I need my left styloid removed as well … at least to start, will likely need both removed as both are elongated

Who did your ultrasound IJV assessment?

@bmcdiddie I recommend Dr Pereira as he is familiar with Eagle Syndrome and Bone compression of the Jugular Vein. He is the main Vein Specialist in ST Mike. I believe he will send you to do the Catheter Angiogram/Venogram to assess the narrowing and the pressure as well. After that he will refer you a surgeon if he believes you will need an operation.

the Ultrasound IJV assessment was done at a different hospital (Etobicoke General Hospital). I would not recommend them as the radiologist there are incompetent and might not successfully diagnose you.

No I do not know the surgeon yet. I am going to find out when they refer me to him/her


thank you. the angiogram / venogram … is that CT? I had a cta in Windsor but not catheter and no venous pass. I want to be careful getting too many CTs but will if necessary. there is a vascular and neurosurgeon in windsor following my case but it is far away and they do not have experience with eagles. hinted that they know anatomy so maybe they could do it (but no experience) …

@bmcdiddie Yes, unfortunately but its their gold standard for diagnoses and could rule out any other vascular issues that might be masquerading as ES. This is minimally invasive as they will puncture your groin femoral artery. They can dynamically assess IJVs by turning your head right, left etc. They can also see the blood flow life.

BTW, You can show him your previous CTs and that could be enough. He is also radiologists so he can read the CTA.

very true. I also have some other things going on in addition to eagles - disc compression and bilateral ponticulus posticus. I just keep getting passed around in Canaduan healthcare with no one taking a deep dive to evaluate. it is getting to the point where the pain is too difficult to manage at home

I would like to join that. I wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year. Thank you for the outstanding support this year. Cya in 2022.
Best regards from Germany :four_leaf_clover: :green_heart:


@TheDude Happy new year to you too. I did benefit some of the research papers you posted here.

Frohes neues Jahr

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Good conversation, @KoolDude & bmcdiddie! It’s great when our members can help each other out - especially you Canadian folks who have such a challenge w/ your medical system!

Happy, healthier New Year to you both! :partying_face: :partying_face:

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