A Peaceful Christmas

Hello and wishing you a very merry Christmas!
For those of you recovering from surgery I pray you have a restful & peaceful time, & for those of you waiting to get diagnosed or waiting for surgery I pray that you will be able to enjoy the day & that 2020 sees you getting rid of those styloids & pain…God bless you all!


Thank you and same to you. Merry Christmas and happy new year !

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Thank you Jules. All the best for the new year.

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Thank you! And to you too Jules. Thank you for all the support you give everyone on here. :christmas_tree::blush::+1:xx

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I am in a lot of pain. Surgery in February. Any ideas on pain management

There’s lots of info in the Newbies Guide Section, in a post titled ‘ES Info- Treatment’. If you have nerve pain there are medications which can help, anticonvulsants & antidepressants like Gabapentin, Amitriptyline or Nortriptyline. Some members have had good results with lidocaine & steroid injections into the tonsillar region, often done under ultrasound, but it doesn’t always help. Heat or ice can help, & also being aware of your posture, & sleeping part upright can help too. One member found lidocaine patches helped, & muscle relaxers can sometimes help.
Hope you can find something which works for you, & that your surgery is sucessful.

Looking back at 2019 one of my biggest blessings was this platform and all of the amazing people I have met here. Thank you for sharing your hopes and suffering with me - we are all in this mess of life together and thankfully so! No way i could do it alone :laughing: May 2020 bring good health and healing for all :heart:
Peace and all good :sparkles:


I agree with JustBreathe! The support here is amazing. I am not sure how I would have gotten through this without the wonderful, supportive group.

I wish ES sufferers and your families all the best for good health, happiness and peace for 2020 and the years to come.


Where ever you are on this weird Eagles journey I hope that 2020 sees improvements for you!
Happy new year to you all :tada:


I second Jules wishes! Hoping for healing & recover for each one of you in 2020! :pray: