Happy Thanksgiving Day!

For those of you across the water in the US and all who celebrate Thanksgiving Day, I hope you have a brilliant day and don’t have to work too hard. In the midst of difficult times let us all acknowledge the good things in our lives. With very best wishes Nel

Thanks Nel, and thanks to this wonderful site. The support and information from this site and members has given me hope and support as I struggle with this diagnosis and pain. I have a lot to be thankful for in my life, and guidance to find this site is one. Many blessings to my new friends this day and this Holiday season!

I share your feelings about this site and the others too. Ben’s Friends is an amazing organisation, bringing knowledge and support to so many people and I am particularly glad to be part of this lovely group.

I will say Amen to that. Thanksgiving is a very important day. I rewatched Charlie Brown last night, his Thanksgiving special. It is really very well done, not just a kid's show.