This Thanksgiving, I'm Thankful For

In America, this Thursday is Thanksgiving. We spend the day thinking about what we are grateful for and also eating a lot of turkey and pie. :)

I thought it would be fun to start a discussion on what we're all thankful for. I'll get it going:

I'm thankful that my wonderful girlfriend, Vanessa, accepted my marriage proposal last weekend. We're all smiles here. :)

I'm also thankful that this community exists and helps so many people. We started Ben's Friends ( 6 years ago and now over 80,000 patients and loved ones visit all 35 sites every month. It's truly a little Internet miracle.

I'm grateful for the community, the friendships and especially thankful that the volunteer moderators donate so much of their time to help others. Thank You Mods!

Ok, that's what I'm thankful for. How about you? Let us know below.


I am grateful for all my family and friends and the wonderful life I am living despite my "ailments" I am thankful to be on the mend after 3years of various diagnoses that led to several surgeries, numbers of CT scans, MRi's and biopsies. I am thankful that only one of the biopsies proved to be serious and it was caught early.

I am grateful for the internet that I have been able to self-diagnose and correctly, I might add. I am thankful that we have this site and others where we can learn from others and support each other. I am thankful for the medical resources in this country. Even though we are often frustrated, I have learned from this site and others that we still have the best medical access in the world and I do hope that continues to be the case.

I am very appreciative of the efforts of Ben and Scott to bring this forum to so many people. I hope the efforts to make this a non-profit endeavor come to fruition and this site becomes well known for many more diseases and that we can make a difference in our medical care and our general mental and physical health. Happy Thanksgiving'

very well said Emma! Here's to another great year!

I'm thankful for having the ability to BE thankful and to know my many blessings!

ES-wise, I'm thankful for this place to bring us all together, thank you Scott and congratulations future Mr & Mrs Orn!

Many more…too many more to condense into one post! Thanks to the good docs for their time and constant learning, and for listening and doing right by us!

Thanks to everyone here who takes time to answer, update, relate, encourage….!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I'm thankful for my wonderful family & friends that have always been there for me!!

I am soooooo grateful to this site and to the supportive people on it for giving me the info that lead me to a diagnosis and to finding the right surgeon!!

I feel very blessed to have been able to visit with my family, play with my kids and my nieces this year........even after only 4 1/2 weeks out of surgery! :) :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Yay!!! Congrats to you Scott on your engagement!! :)