Has anyone seen this MD Jason Kass at Brigham and Women's in Massachusetts

Has anyone in Maine or New England ever been to Dr. Jason Kass at Brigham and women’s? I have a referral there and don’t see him on the list. He does list Eagle Syndrome as a specialty.

I just did a quick site search & Dr. Kass has not been mentioned in any posts but yours. It would be awesome to add another doctor on the list especially in your area. It’s certainly worth it to see him for his opinion but make sure to go armed with questions regarding how he does his ES surgeries , how many he’s done, what expected healing time is, etc. Also expect him to be dismissive of some of your symptoms as not being caused by ES. No one who hasn’t experienced ES will ever understand the crazy symptoms we get. If he tells you ES only has certain specific symptoms, be leary of that.

Thank you so much. The first ENT that I have seen dismissed me but was willing to make the referral. He said that it was an eagle syndrome because he couldn’t palpate the phone at the tonsillar bed. I told him to go and look at my CT scan that shows I have bilateral calcification of the stylohyoid ligament up to 1.5 CM for the hyoid bone. He came back in a little bit more receptive, but not entirely. I had TMJ surgery 15 years ago by dr. Piper in Florida. I was having jaw pain, so I went to see him again to make sure that my grafts were still good and that the joints were good. He did the CT scan and discovered the calcification. He was suggesting Eagle’s syndrome and for me to see an ear nose and throat doctor.

I personally had my surgery at Brigham & Women’s in Boston. I saw Dr. Annino at Brigham and he did a wonderful job on mine. They were exceptional there in my experience. I wrote about my experience there and maybe you can find it by searching, not sure. Mine was “Surgery is complete! Dr. Annino is Amazing!” Good Luck!

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I’ve seen Dr. Annino for 10 years now. He did surgery for me for a different bone problem I have plus I just saw him for Eagle. He had just done a surgery for Eagle the week before so he’s familiar with Eagle. When he did my cranioplasty, other neurosurgeons couldn’t tell I had it done; that’s how good he is. He’s very aware of how scars will look after and he’s got wonderful bed-side manner. If you can, I’d get a second opinon from Dr. Annino.

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Thank you so much!

I’ll add Dr Annino’s name to the new list when I update it, strange he’s not on there, must’ve been missed when it was first done…

I just saw Dr. Annino yesterday at Brigham and Women’s in Boston and he was so kind. Thank you so much for recommending him. He said that he has done two or three eagles surgeries a year for the past 15 years approximately. He stated that most people have a great Improvement in their symptoms. My stylohyoid ligaments are calcified bilaterally. He will remove one in January and then the other one in six weeks after that if I would like. Just wondering for the people who have seen Dr. Annino, what the typical schedule was like. Did you have to stay overnight in the hospital? How long did you need to be down there? I’ll be traveling and my husband will need to come with me. Just mentally planning ahead. Thank you so much to all of you and for this group!

Hi ddemaso,
I can’t speak for Dr. Annino but often ES surgery is done outpatient so you head home or back to your hotel, or wherever a few hours after surgery. Most ES surgeons like you to come back within the first week after surgery for a follow-up appointment. If you don’t hear from anyone who’s seen Dr Annino, you could give his office a call & someone there should be able to give you the info you’re looking for.

Thank you so much!

Just had my left styloid done by Dr Annino at the B&W. So far so good great doctor.