Has side effects from surgery?

Has anyone had the surgery and now have side effects? If so any tips to handle pain

Hi Nancy,

After my first surgery, I still had quite a bit of pain and it turned out that the doctor didn't take enough of the styloid out and I had to have a revision surgery. How much of the styloid did the doctor take out? What kind of pain are you having? There are a number of medications, especially for nerve pain that can help. Have you tried various medications? I'm so sorry to hear you're still having pain. What a let down!

The is so much pressure in my head. If it snows my throat swells up(close to insion…) my ear burns or it feels like it has its own paluse. Ringing in my ear…

The styloid was so long it was frowning in to my throat. I am so much pain j can’t not work

I tried lyrica it made me so numb but didn’t touch the pain

There are quite a few nerve pain medications other than lyrica. I'm so sorry you're going through this. Can you get to a pain doctor? You need help right away. A neurologist may be able to help also. There are medications like amitriptyline and nortriptyline that help some people. There are others too - the ES information tab lists various medications that have worked for some people. You might need some strong pain medication. You need to see a doctor who can give you various options.

I wonder if the doctor took enough of your styloid out. You sound like you still have Eagles syndrome. Has the surgeon said anything about your status now? Can you get a scan to see if you still have significant styloid left?

Is there normally painful side effects from this surgery. Yes I am seeing surgeon again in a month… When it snows and rains my insion swells and throbs ??? Is this normal.

We haven't had any snow in the Uk so can't help with that! My incision gets tight and sore even now (nearly a year post-op), so I use an oil for scar tissue and gently massage it- it helps a lot. Have you tried an ice pack regularly and gentle massage?

The pressure in your head, and hearing your pulse in your ear (pulsatile tinnitus) sounds very like the symptoms I had very badly before surgery, and at times still now as I'm waiting for the other side to be removed. In my case that's caused by the styloid compressing the jugular vein, increasing the pressure in my head.

Some members have found that once one side has been done, the other side seems worse- maybe the position you were in for surgery has shifted the styloid the other side so it's causing more symptoms? Or maybe you've still got a lot of swelling where you had surgery which is causing these symptoms? Not sure when your surgery was- sometimes the swelling can last for a couple of weeks. For the pressure in your head and for swelling make sure you sleep semi-upright, try using a wedge pillow.

Like Heidemt said, maybe not enough was taken off the styloid. Is it possible to get in to see your surgeon any earlier, or can you ring his office? Sorry to hear that things are not any better; thinking of you...

Hey Jules
Thanks for the helpful ideas. I had my surgery over a year ago. I seen surgeon and other ent they said its side effects from the surgery . But I have not heard or anyone having these problems . I needs tips on how to deal with it.
But everyone I have talked to seems to healing after surgery .
Just so frustrated spent 10 years in pain . And finally a specialist found it. I wanted 2 years for the surgery staying positive knowing that once I had this surgery I would finally feel better and hear I am 1 year after the surgery feeling even worse then before

I would definitely push for a CT with contrast to see what's going on. Rotten for you to have waited so long and then to still be in pain.

Thank you I will defently be requesting another ct scan … Can they see nerve damage from a ct scan ???

No, I don't think nerves don't show on a CT. They can sometimes be seen on an MRI, but not smaller nerves. There is a newish MRI called FIESTA MRI, which can show nerves around the skull base; as far as I know it's not been done on anyone here to look at nerves, but I know it can be done for Trigeminal Neuralgia.