Have roller coasters caused you these symptoms with ES?

I am new here. One professional has told me that I may have ES but my appointment with the specialist is in two weeks. I have all of my own CT scans and x-rays but I have been unable to detect the stuff for myself. Anyhow, one of my symptoms is that I’ve ridden roller coasters my entire life with no problem. Recently when taking my kids and riding, I had a terrible sensation. As the ride was going up and down and to the sides, I felt like I was going to suffocate. I felt like I was being choked from behind (or was it the sides? it’s hard to tell sometimes) and this is what made me even more certain this wasn’t just me and stress. It is something physical.

When we went down a big hill it felt like a knot in my throat could literally come out of my mouth. When we went back up a hill it would feel like it was going down. When we would hit hard turns and felt left and right is a something poking or choking me. I’ve never had this sensation until the past few months when my other symptoms have gotten worse.

Could this in anyway be related to Eagles? I have thought there must be some sort of loose bone or ligament that is moving around but so far doctors are telling me it would have been detected.

ramblinman - I do believe that rollercoasters can be a problem. In fact, I won't let my son go on anything that moves fast or has so much speed that it causes pressure changes. For him, pressure changes did cause pain and it makes sense that if the bone is near your throat and you add pressure, then it could indeed push your throat into the bone or just put pressure on the nerves that are already tangled in the bone. I keep my son away from all amusement parks. No doctor ever confirmed anything about this, but living with my child all these years, I know it to be true. I have experienced it with him. I would highly advise the styloidectomy and in the meanwhile stay clear of roller coasters! It is a small price to pay...believe me. My son has paid a much higher price than that.

Ear Mom,

How is your son doing?

Great...will post a separate discussion with pictures of his scar.