Having a terrible day

Today my “weird” symptoms came back. I’m never sure whether these are related to ES or not, but I’ve literally got no one to talk to about it. I was walking around a shop in town and I started to feel “weak”. When I say “weak” it’s more like I can’t really feel my body or I feel very light and have this sensation like all my muscles are releasing. Then I start to panic and I just can’t calm down and even though I’m panicking the muscles carry on releasing rather than tensing back up. I went home and this carried on so I led down on the floor but then it felt like nothing was holding my spine in place in its curves and I felt like my spine was sinking flat into to the floor. During all of this I have a twitching eyelid, blurry vision and I can’t breathe deeply, my breathing feels incredibly weak. I made myself stay at home and not rush off to the hospital. Eventually these symptoms subsided and then I have tightness in front of my ear (TMJ area) and at the c2 level in my neck but none of it is painful. Is this just a panic attack do you think? Lots of people tell me these are symptoms of stress and panic, but when I was in the shop I didn’t feel panicked or stressed by anything, so I don’t understand why it started.

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Well that sounds awful and scary. I don’t know about this, but do have experience in shops where continually moving my head side to side made me feel light headed. Wonder about your vagus nerve being irritated (breathing) …(?). Not sure on muscles going limp…

For the breathing, you might try this exercise which is good for panic … but in general for the body to and mind to settle as well.

And the science behind the double inhale, long exhale…


@Skatkat The breathing tips here are great. Remember that the anxiety feeling can be triggered by Vagus nerve issues so just because you are feeling anxious doesnt mean there isnt a structural problem. I think mainly what i’m trying to say is its not just in your head :slight_smile: Another thing i find quite helpful (if you can tolerate it) is doing a long valsava technique, hold your nostrils and blow so your ears open for 10-15 seconds. It can make you feel a bit light headed, but by opening your eustachian tubes like that you can stimulate the vagus nerve to slow your heart rate and relax a bit! When i do this i can bring my heart rate down from 110 to 70 bpm


@Skatkat - I asked Dr. Google if muscle weakness could be related to cranial nerve function & got this answer which I thought was pretty interesting:

Cranial nerve issues can affect a motor nerve, called cranial nerve palsy, or affect a sensory nerve, causing pain or diminished sensation. Individuals with a cranial nerve disorder may suffer from symptoms that include intense pain, vertigo, hearing loss, weakness or paralysis. These disorders can also affect smell, taste, facial expression, speech, swallowing, and muscles of the neck.


Sounds horrible for you, well done though getting home & calming yourself…like the others have said, the vagus nerve can cause anxiety, & @Isaiah_40_31 's post is interesting too. I hope this helps reassure you a bit, sending you a hug :hugs:


First of all, I am glad you reached out to this group and were vulnerable in expressing your condition. It is hard when we don’t have anyone to talk to about these challenging health situations.

I too have had a litany of individuals tell me that I should focus on reducing stress or anxiety or fill in the blank. Sometimes this is the only way to try and explain mysterious symptoms, but at the same time, there is truth in stress causing worse physical discomfort.

If you met me, you would think I am a really calm person - I have been that way most of my life. Does that mean that I am immune to stress? No. Regardless of not “feeling stressed”, I still make time for selfcare and practice things that help me improve.

  • meditation
  • prayer
  • reading
  • exercising (light)
  • stretching and yoga
  • being around those I love
  • journaling
  • EMDR - not sure if you are familiar with this or not.
  • and the list goes on

I hope things are improving today!!!



I love your self-care list, @JPB! I’m really glad these practices are making a difference for you. It is so important to do what we need to maintain physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health even if it’s at the expense of other things that seem important in the moment. Those will get done eventually.

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Agreed. Thank you!!!


Thank you, I am feeling better than I did on Saturday. I’ve been doing some light yoga and trying to relax and breathe with my diaphragm as much as possible. Thanks for your advice.