Having Bilateral Surgery on Monday 11/23 ! Prayers Please

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for all your help through this journey. I will be having bilateral surgery on Monday with Dr. Hackman at UNC. I am a little nervous…okay, a little more than a little. But overall feeling pretty good about it. My surgery will be at 12pm. They say it will be about 3.5 hours. I would really love some prayers during that time if you are so inclined. I will try and post an update right after surgery.



Looking forward to hearing from you when you feel up to it. You’ll be groggy for a few hours post op. You know we’re your cheerleaders!

Sending you a hug & pre-op prayers. :hugs:

Praying for you!

Looking forward to hearing your success story! Sending your surgeon in their team everything they need to care for you perfectly. Stay safe and be well

Prayers for complete healing :pray:

I just had mine done … Ha I forgot how many days it has been now. This is probably my 3rd or 4th day. The days are starting to overlap. Anyways, prayers for quick recovery as well.


Will be praying all goes well! Let us know how it goes! :heart::pray:t3:

Will be praying for calm beforehand & a good recovery. God bless :hugs: :pray:

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God bless & pray that you would heal well too! :bouquet: :hugs: :pray:
Sorry if I missed it- who did your surgery?

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Praying for rest, peace, and full healing!


Hang in there Priscilla. You wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t feel nervous.
Everything will go just fine and you can start the new year off with this behind you. :hugs:


Prayers for a quick recovery! I will be having mine done on 12/3 and cannot wait! I hope all went well with surgery and all goes well from here on out for you!!


Priscilla: Sending prayers. Hoping you are comfortable. I will be following in your footsteps on 12/4 with Dr Hackman. Henry.


I had my surgery yesterday and am still in the hospital. I am having a lot of trouble swallowing even water. It feel like my throat is closed up. Has anyone had this??? Please help!

I had surgery yesterday and now I can’t even swallow water. Is this normal will it go away. I have ice, got a steroid after practically begging, a face bra thing too. I was swallowing fine right after surgery liquids, but now I can hard swallow Amy own spit. Do you know anything about this? What should I do? Thank you so much

I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. Please call, or have someone call for you, your surgeon’s office as soon as possible. They can prescribe steroids to bring down the swelling. Even just the intubation can cause extreme soreness, and swelling, and the type of surgery that you have can clearly be problematic.

When I had my tonsils out this happened with me, and it was really scary.

Sharon from ModSupport

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I’m hoping those steroids are kicking in and helping that swelling to go down so u are able to swallow better. Are they giving you regular ongoing doses of them? Im hoping someone is there with you to advocate for all your needs. It is so hard to do that for yourself after surgery. Often the nurses don’t listen unfortunately or act timely unless there is a strong advocate in the room with you. If you are not getting your needs met, ask for the charge nurse on the floor.
I know after I had my tonsils out, it was pretty horrific and pain over the top. I know its not the same. I had external and only one side so Im not much help with sharing my experience of what to expect after bilateral internal surgery. Hope you get past this quickly.

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I demanded the steroids and am finally able to swallow liquids now. My bottom lip is not move perfectly right. I am hoping this is due to swelling and will go back to normal soon. Thank you all for the response and advice, it really helped. Over all they said the surgery went perfectly. I had two styloids removed, one was 4cm and the other 4.5 cm. I am home now and doing okay.


You will be in good hands, I would ask for the steroids though if you feel swollen in your throat. I am doing well now and feel like Hackman and his team was very good.

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Thank you Priscilla. Will PM you.