Having Bilateral Surgery on Monday 11/23 ! Prayers Please

What did they give you for pain ?

My daughter had bilateral with Hackman same day as you! She is currently sitting here sleeping in the recliner. Just got home today. I hope you are doing well.


Did she have jugular compression ?

Carotid compression

Uggg. That’s worse I think. Urgent.

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I think you will do well and look forward to hearing about your experience.


Sending you lots of positive vibes. Keep us posted on your recovery.:heart:

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That’s a relief to hear that you’re feeling a bit better now. That was a rough start to the day for you, no question.


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Hi Priscilla,

I’m so sorry you had that terrible experience. There are too many doctors who don’t appreciate how the human body’s propensity for swelling after surgery. It’s how the body protects the injured area - like putting a soft pillow around it, but it makes pain & symptoms worse for awhile & creates new & sometimes scary ones. Dr. Hackman absolutely should be giving a course of steroids post op especially with bilateral surgeries. Many doctors won’t do bilateral ES surgery because of the immense swelling that can occur in the throat post op. I’m really glad you pushed & got what you needed & that it solved the problem for you.

I was Rxed a post op 10 day course of Prednisone & it was a godsend as I found my throat tended to swell over night & taking that little pill first thing in the morning would help so much during the day. If you find a similar pattern, please insist on an Rx for at least a week.

Your worst swelling will occur on days 3-6 post op. Be prepared w/ pain med, ice, head elevation, rest & soft foods during that time.

Sending up prayers for you now. :pray:t3:

Sorry I missed your post earlier, but very glad that you were able to get steroids & that’s helped the swelling. I hope that you can carry on swallowing okay- there’s bound to be swelling having both sides done at once. Your lip could be down to irritation of the nerve otherwise- mouth droop & not being able to move your mouth well can be quite common after surgery, & hopefully it’'ll improve soon if it’s not due to swelling.
Take care of yourself, I hope you’re able to get some rest! God bless :bouquet: :hugs: :pray:

What time was her surgery. Did it go well. I am in a bit more pain this morning, but otherwise seem alright. I hope your daughter is doing well and that there were no complications.

Thank you.

Thank you. I seem to be able to tolerate soft foods a bit. Jaw in a lot of pain this morning. They told me to take Tylenol (I am unable to take any type of narcotic as I get very sick from them.) So I am only taking Tylenol and prednisone. Any other suggestions?

I can not take narcotics because they make me very sick, so I am taking Tylenol and prednisone.

Tylenol working for you ? Want to stay away from narcotics too.

Hers was before yours about 8:30 is when they started. She’s in a bit of pain today. The numbness is wearing off. More so the back of her neck and her head (bad headache). Swelling has gone down some we assume because her compression garment has gotten looser. She didn’t have any complications and her swelling wasn’t bad, not even the level that is expected.

Were you external or intraoral? External for her. I hope your days continue to get better. Will be praying for you when I am for her.

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Hi Priscilla,

Ice, ice, ice…15 min. on & 45 min. off, frequently over the day will help a lot w/ swelling. Though I don’t understand this, there are doctors who have their patients take Ibuprofen post op because it’s an anti-inflammatory & pain reducer (but also a blood thinner). It most likely works better than Tylenol (acetaminophen) because of it’s anti-inflammatory capabilities. You could call Dr. H’s ofc to ask about taking Ibuprofen. You can also alternate Ibuprofen w/ Acetaminophen every 2-3 hrs which gives really good pain coverage, but again, you need to ask before doing that.

As Jules mentioned, your numb lip should resolve over the course of several weeks to several months. Most people do not have a permanent problem with that.

Your starting into the period of greatest post op swelling so the next 2-3 days will be the most uncomfy. Prepare for that. I’m glad you’re able to eat soft foods today. Make sure to keep the fluids coming. Drinking 40-60+ oz per day will pay great dividends.


So I just got a voice message from Dr. Hackman and he said I should be taking Ibuprofen 600 mg 3x a day. So the difficult part is that the nurses gave me one message and then when I talk to the Dr. it is different.

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It seems like I can’t really move my mouth properly. My smile is crazy. I really hope this resolves soon!

I am glad to hear that other people have had this problem with their mouth not moving properly. It is making me a bit anxious. Do you think it will all just come back when the swelling resolves. How long normally?