Head and Neck Anatomy for Neurosurgeons (video)

I was watching this fascinating video and suddenly realised, why some surgeons are very conservative when operating on the neck structures…

Just look at the complexities of everything inside (starts at 7:46)

Warning: graphic content.

Also, there is a 3D version:

The whole video is worth watching from the beginning.

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Thanks again @vdm !

This video really blew my mind.

I can just imagine what it takes to be a head/neck surgeon.

For one, the video shows arteries red and veins blue - in reality they aren’t that well highlighted.
Another thing, the video has proper dissection, with the structures fully visible and perfectly laid in 3D. The surgeons often operate through small incisions, just by “feeling” the structures, or with a small camera.
And finally… There are lots of anatomical variations. What’s in the video, doesn’t necessarily perfectly match what the surgeons find “inside”…

So I really can’t blame those who don’t want to do the surgery in these areas unless it’s a life or death case, as chances to make a serious mistake are high.


That’s what Hepworth said re all the wait and tests…You don’t want surgery there unless it’s absolutely necessary
Yep, it is a delicate area.


I guess it’s understandable, especially for surgeons in smaller hospitals who don’t do as many procedures…

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