Healing Times

Hello Everyone,

I know that everyone is different and healing times will vary from person to person. But I am really feeling worst after having my right styloid bone removed via the external approach then before surgery. After almost three years of searching for a surgeon experienced in ES. I finally found one who told me he had done 20 - 30 ES surgeries in his career with a 95% success rate of his patience feeling better after surgery. I was also told that the post surgery recovery time was going to be about two weeks.

Unfortunately, after surgery I developed swallowing issues and acid reflux, both of which I never had prior to surgery. The acid reflux is horrible. Although, I am currently taking medication for the acid reflux and have changed my diet, my throat and inner ears are constantly burning. It is believed that the acid is causing my throat to tighten thus contributing the straining lump sensation that I feel when I swallow. My main reason for having surgery was the pressure/pain I was having in my right eye and nose area that started at the beginning of January 2014 and never went away. I was praying that I would be immediately cured after surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery only increased the pressure/pain. In addition, I am also experiencing the following issues after surgery that I did not have before even though the surgeon left less than 1 cm of the styloid in me.

Right side of tongue twitching and burning
Tongue gets tired after talking
Numbness in the area of the incision
Ear pain worst after surgery
Hard lump under the incision
Tightness in neck when looking down
There is also an area inside my neck where the incision is that is pinching when I swallow.
Weird nerve sensation on right side of tongue. When I brush my tongue with my toothbrush it feels like it’s connected to a bone at the back of my throat.

It’s been almost 7 weeks since my surgery and I continue to pray that thing will get better soon. The recovery process has been more challenging then I ever anticipated for myself.

I would really like to know if anyone experienced the above issues after surgery or any other issues that they didn’t have before surgery. If so, did it resolve and how long did it take.

Hope, I'm so sorry to hear you're still suffering. I only know of 2 cases where people had a lot or even more pain after the surgery. In one, the doctor didn't get enough of the styloid out and in the other, the doctor missed the styloid completely. I sure hope that's not what's happening to you, but you may want to talk to the doctor about possibly getting another CT scan at some point.

It's funny you mention about the acid reflux. Over two yrs. ago I had another nasal-type surgery and most people could go back to work after two weeks. I was so sick that it took me four. I think it was acid reflux. I got so sick from the constant draining, clearing (trying to) of throat, raw throat, etc. I tried everything. Wondered what was different now than before the surgery. I could only wonder....... is it allergies, is it because of a way different kind of diet, not much fat in the stomach.

I wish you a more speedier recovery.

Tomorrow morning I go in and get the left styloid w/tonsilectomy done.. This time I have my prescription for the acid reflux.

Sorry that you're feeling worse Hope, and praying that these problems will resolve with time. Others on here have said that nerves can take up to 6 months to heal properly, so some of your sensations may still improve. God Bless x

Winterinmn- wishing you all the best for tomorrow too.

I’m so sorry to hear you are still not feeling well. I had surgery back in December and was told less than 2cm of the styloid was left. I have continued to have issues. Eventually obtained another CT scan which showed the styloid is still twice the size it should be. Not enough was taken off. I agree with Heidemt try to get another CT scan. I wish you the best of luck!

Hope, I just thought of something else too. Do you have Eagles on the other side as well? I had classic Eagles on my left side and vascular Eagles on my right side. When I had my first operation, which was on the classic (left) side, the right side issues got a lot worse. I don't understand why this would be, but it was really bad. Other people have said the same thing - that it seemed like the other side got worse and seemed to ramp up after their first surgery. So I'm wondering if this could be relevant to you?

Hi Heidemt,

Thank you for your responses.

Yes, I have Eagles on my left side as well. My left styloid is 4 cm. I have most of my ear problems in the left side such as ear popping and coldness.

I decided to get my right styloid reduced because my eye and nose pain/pressure were only on the right side of my face. Also, my right styloid was longer at 4.8 cm.

It could be that I may need to have surgery on the left side as well to get the relief that I need. However, I don’t know if I could handle this surgery again. It’s been a difficult process, especially dealing with the acid reflux that is hindering my healing process.