Fingers crossed

So today I have my first specialist appointment with someone who deals with es I had my hearing test and it was really bad I’m almost fully deaf in my right ear (the side with es) and my left is getting there as we’ll plus I have tinnitus as well, I’m hoping to get some answers today like is there a connection between the es and my hearing loss and tinnitus if so what can be done I’m so scared of today I can’t deal anymore I need some sort of good news I need to know if he will do the surgery of if I need hearing aids mind u I’m 23 does anyone have any info on there experiences or what happened to them? If so I’d love to hear

My hearing was also very poor on my worst side. People could talk all around me and I'd hear nothing. I'd have to read their lips, which required constant eye contact bc any movement of theirs would make it hard to understand what is being said.

The poor hearing is because of pressure behind your ear from the eagles. Your hearing will come back afterward. The euthasian tube will feel weird for a little while and some sounds can be startling but there is no pain - the feeling is just different. That feeling was noticed after the first week of surgery and ended before the third.

That is a most interesting topic as I, too, have dealt w/hearing loss, more pronounced on the worst side.

I have asked the different ENTs if this could be related to my tmj issues (also, the ES), and they all said no. It would be great if this could happen.


i believe my hearing has improved since my surgery. Also, the tinnitus is totally gone!

I have hearing loss on the worst side, tinnitus both sides, so there has to be a link, whether it's pressure on Eustachian tubes as LAD said, which sounds probable, or pressure perhaps on nerves, which could explain tinnitus and the wobbly, off balance feelings many of us get- I don't know.... but as I've not had surgery I can't comment on whether it will improve...

I hope that you get some help soon, keep us posted as to how you get on!

God Bless, Jules


Do you remember how long it took for the tinnitus to go away?