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I am new here and got diagnosed last week . I am emotionally drained from the journey with a list of Dr.s and treatments that is too long to write about ! Ultimately thanks to the Internet and YouTube I diagnosed myself and the Neurologist I was seeing never even heard of ES and he has been a Doc for 25 years . Long story short I’m a musician I play Guitar harmonica and sing . The harmonica is what I believe gave me ES from the constant clinching my symptoms started Headaches trigeminal occipital cranial nerves going bonkers plus Tmj pains . It’s great to know there are people I can confide in who understand just how daunting this condition can be . I’m researching treatments and I ran across Dr. Ross Hauser at Caring medical center in Fort Myers Florida . Does anyone have any info on him or his Prolotherapy procedure ? I would appreciate your feedback !

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Hi Tim,

We have several members who have tried prolotherapy as a treatment for ES symptoms, & it really didn’t provide any long-term help. I think prolotherapy sounds great in theory, but unfortunately, with ES, the solution is getting the elongated styloids &/or calcified stylohyoid ligaments removed. That is what allows the irritated nerves & vascular tissues to recover & reduces or eliminates the ES symptoms.

You will save time & money by going to a doctor who will more assertively deal with your ES. There are a number of good ES surgeons in FL if that’s a good place for you to go for treatment. Dr. Bunnel & Dr. Fernandez have good recent reviews from our members.

I had my bilateral styloid removal surgery this morning in Chapel Hill, NC. With surgeon Dr. Hackman. We believe the surgery was successful… The styloids were cut back to the skull. Both the left and the right one was 5 cm long. Dr. Hackman said there were no complications during the procedures and I will get discharged tomorrow. I must say that the care I have received by this doctor, team and hospital has been outstanding. I am looking forward to my recovery. My journey so far with all of you ES members has helped me out more than I can say. I thank all of you for your many prayers and advice. I look forward to your continued support through my recovery.


:clap: :clap: :clap:!! Thank you for updating us, Dcau! I’m so glad your surgery went well. Healing will take a bit of time but you can expect great things! We got a post recently from Suzzetteas who also had bilateral ES surgery done by Dr. Hackman in April. Here’s the link to the thread just to encourage you (you can scroll to the bottom to skip the earlier info):

Hi Dcau
Congrats on your procedure being done. I saw that Isaiah sent you a link of mine.
I had the same procedure as you on April 9th with Dr Hackman and healing is going great. My styloids were also 5cm.
If you have any questions feel free to reach out.
Happy Healing

It is so good to know that you are healing nicely. So far, it has.been a lot of swelling and itching. The jaw bra helps with the discomfort. I took mine off yesterday. Based on what I know to expect, I am doing okay. Today was good still on popsicles and smoothies. Thanks so much for reaching out to me.

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