Post surgery. Tinnitus resolve?

I was wondering if there is anyone out there who had their tinnitus resolve ? I’m three weeks post op and it’s all over the place - has anyone had it go after some healing has happened?

Need some hope :pray::heart:

I’m sorry your tinnitus is still being annoying. Many of our members have noticed it sticks around, sometimes for several months post op, as nerves heal. It can take up to a year after ES surgery to know the full results of the surgery, but usually by 6 mos you’ll have a pretty good idea.

Also, if you have bilateral ES, it’s not uncommon for symptoms from the remaining styloid to ramp up (if it’s elongated) as the surgical side is healing. This can cause a person to think the first surgery really didn’t help much. Many of us have had to have both styloids removed to get the best results.

Thank you so much. I had bilateral styloid/ligaments removed. My dr said I still have inflammation - I see stories of it going for people right away so of course that upsets me and makes me think I made a mistake. I have positional tinnitus - head tilt makes a horrendous electrical noise and I have other noise - pulsating attacks and residual like noise in day that’s all over the place right now.

Just really scared. Thank you :pray:

I had forgotten you had bilateral surgery. Glad you got it all done at once. Bilateral surgery is a bit slower initially to heal from than unilateral since your body is trying to heal both sides at once rather than one at a time. Try to be optimistic & trust that your body wants to thrive so it’s doing its best right now to get your health back on track. You need to help by listening to what your body asks i.e. rest when you’re tired & don’t push yourself even if you’re having a good day. Give yourself a couple of months to ease back into your activities.

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I hope that it does heal soon for you! Tough having both sides done at once, so healing will take it’s time! I guess if you can focus on the positives of what has improved after surgery to try & distract yourself from the worry…hopefully others will chip in with their experiences. Thinking of you & sending you a hug :hugs:

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