Help, symptoms for years, no diagnosis at all

Hey everybody after researching my symptoms i thought i might have the eagle syndrome.

It all started a few years back (3+) i can’t even remember when exactly.
I felt like i had some thing stuck in my throat for weeks i thought it might be tonsil stones and tried to get them out but without success.
the feeling left and came and somehow i got used to it i guess.
Then i started to have a damp pain in my right ear that wouldn’t go away. It is like a permanent pressure. If i open my mouth my ear pops every time and the pressure goes away for a second. About 2 years ago i went to my doctor and told him about my symptoms he gave me a anti bacterial mouth wash. It’ didn’t go away and a few months later i went back and he gave me some cough meds to loosen the mucus. He said i probably have a clogged eustaccian tube due to a cold. I went back 2 times and got more cold meds.

The pain seemed to get worse and also my face/jaw hurt a lot. I suspected that it might be a bad tooth so i went to a dentist. The dentist xrayed and saw that i had 2 wisdom teeth. One he was able to pull but the other on the side that hurt had to be removed by a surgeon.
After the surgery the pain was back and i thought i might have an infection, so i went back to the surgeon.
He checked my teeth and sent me to a massage therapist since he thought i might have CMD (TJS).

Some other symptoms i have are

  • pain sometimes in my neck on the right side, especially when lied on my side rested on one arm.

  • my neck also feels stiff and as if i can’t fully turn my head.

  • If i push my gums on the right side after my last tooth i feel a damp pain. If i do the same on the left side, no pain at all.

  • feeling that my throat is clogged up by thick mucus/saliva

  • i sometimes get the impression to damped or reduced hearing on that side for a few seconds

  • sometimes i hear my own heartbeat in that ear

after a lot of appointments with the therapist the symptoms did not get better at all so she suggested that i should have an MRI scan taken. She asked me about any accidents and i remembered that a few years back i fell off my bike. she said that might be related. I went back to my doctor who sent me to the radiologist for the scans. The scans did not show anything special so my doctor sent me to an ear specialist. He tested everything but my hearing is more than fine, there is no ‘real’ pressure from the ear.

Now i am back at home still without a diagnosis after many appointments.

I have been researching the web for my symptoms and came across the eagle syndrome and this site. I have been looking at my mri scans but since i am no expert i don’t know what i am supposed to be looking for. basically i just experimented with the program to try to see something.

Has anyone experience with those scans and can tell me more about them?
Do those symptoms apply to the ES?
Any advice what steps i should take next? I am discouraged to go back to my doctor because every time it turns out to be ‘nothing’. I’m starting to feel like i’m just crazy and everything is just made up in my head.

Edit, if anyone knows how to read MRI scans:

A render i tried to make from my scans.
Again, i have no knowledge on how to properly operate that program. Maybe it’s accurate or maybe not.

HI, and welcome to the site!
There’s lots of info in the Newbies Guide about symptoms of ES- yours do sound like they could be, the feeling of something stuck in the throat, pain turning the head, pressure and tinnitus in the ears are all common.
There’s also info about how to get diagnosed- unfortunately MRI’s show soft tissues better, so a CT is the best scan for showing the styloid processes and any calcified ligaments. The pic of your MRI doesn’t go down far enough to see anything useful unfortunately.
So the best advice would be to get some info about ES (there’s lots of research papers mentioned in the Newbies Guide) which support your symptoms, and showing that a CT is the best for diagnosis, and take that with you to see your doctor to push for a CT. If they agree, make sure that the CT is evaluated for ES, that they look at the styloid processes and at the ligaments, and check the length as well as the angle, as that can be important.
Lots of members have found that they’ve struggled for a long time to get a diagnosis and been dismissed as crazy, so don’t give up and keep pushing!
Let us know how you get on!

Here’s a second welcome to the ES forum! I agree w/ everything Jules said but wanted to add that the 2 pointy things that look like fangs hanging down from mid-skull & out the bottom are probably your styloid processes. Sadly, as Jules noted, the scan stops there so no evaluation of length, angle or the stylohyoid ligaments can be made from the picture although it’s pretty mesmerizing to watch the skull turning round & round. I see something new w/ each revolution.

I do hope your doctor is willing to prescribe a CT scan for you. Since you can hear your heartbeat occasionally, there could be some pressure on your carotid artery. A CT w/ contrast would show the styloids, stylohyoid ligaments & any vascular tissues that might be compressed.

Looking forward to hearing how things progress for you.

Some pictures exported from the scans.i have no knowledge on how to properly operate such program or a clue what i should exactly be looking for


Your other pics have been posted now- but I’m afraid we’re not doctors on here, so not able to help you interpret those I’m afraid.