New here. How to diagnose if I have eagle syndrome

New member here.
My symptoms are,
Right lower jaw pain under ear since may.
Mild Swelling in the lower jaw since may.
Ear fullness and clogged since may
Neck pain.side of the neck mild swelling and a small lump since July.
Top side of the head above ear is very sore to touch since July.
Ringing and buzzing sound in the ear since July.some soft sound while lying down.
Feeling of something stuck in throat since August.
Side of the neck is so tight and stiff since august.
The pain in the lower jaw under ear doesn’t change since may. Still the same symptoms. It’s like sore and burning pain Continuously. No change in this symptom irrespective of taking NSAIDs or muscle relaxers. Been to different doctors.
Been to ENT to check ear infection. No infection.

Went to dentist. He told me to extract the upper wisdom tooth and did it in July. He said either upper wisdom tooth or a suspected crack /fracture in my lower first molar is causing these symptoms. I went to Endodontist and checked the crack. No tooth fracture and did a root canal. Still the same symptoms after wisdom tooth removal and root canal on lower molar. So the dentist telling me to check it with tmj specialist to check the jaw issue and tmj. He also want me to check about eagle syndrome. He said, he is not sure about it with my pan xray. He wants me to check with tmd specialist. Whether tmjd specialist can diagnose eagle syndrome? Please help me with inputs.

My symptoms started since may after I chew some meal more than usual. Immediately I felt soreness in the molars after the meal. Next day I heard a big pop in the jaw and this pain, Swelling started. I would like to know if this looks like eagle syndrome or TMJD. Attaching pan xrays.