hi everyone please i need help from those who have been operated on by dr cognetti i need his direct email address anything i need to get hold of him as im trying to get help money wise to fly over to get this surgury done by him as i cant get help here in melbourne australia , thank you karen

i dont know how your medical system works in the US does he charge for the surgery to be done ? do i need a referel to see him? what r the costs for the hospital ? as i need to fill out paper work and give them as much info for the superanuation group im with ,i can find out from here how much an airline ticket is, ill be getting paper work sent out to me in the next couple of days in the mail, once ive sent eveything they need then i need to wait for approval but the guy on the phone said i shouldnt have a proplem as he said this is urgent and i cant keep going like this