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I had a dentist appointment last week and calcified ligaments on both sides showed up on imaging. My left side is very symptomatic, pain, swallowing issues, chronic sore throat, and so on. The right side…no symptoms. I am scheduled for MRI Friday, with my primary care doc. The dentist is not happy with me getting medical advice separate from the docs he wants to use, but too bad. I am scared and hopeful at the same time.

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okstate1922 - So glad you find this site!

The best diagnostic tool for Eagle Syndrome is a CT scan. MRIs mostly show soft tissue. What you want to see is your styloids & stylohyoid ligaments. Some doctores like a CT scan w/ contrast as they can show if there is any vascular compression. My surgeon did not want a CT w/ contrast. I understand your dental
x-rays showed calcified ligaments.

ES can be just calcified ligaments, but it can also include elongated styloid processes (greater than 2.5 cm long) in conjunction w/ the calcified ligaments. Some people just get the elongated styloids; others get a combination of both.

If you click on the HOME tab above, there is a link to the ES Doctors’ List which lists doctors by state. These doctors have all been recommended by people on this site. I hope that helps you in your surgeon search. There are also links to articles about ES which will be of interest to you.

We on this forum are here to support you, inform you, encourage you & be your “sounding board”. Please don’t hesistate to ask any questions you may have. We’ve all walked or are walking the ES road.

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Welcome to the Eagles flock. First step getting a visual to identify your calcified ligaments. Step 2 - educate yourself so you can Step 3- pursue the care you need.

We are here for you to offer support and experience and answer your questions,

Maybe you should listen to him. I had both sides cut out and had the same if not worsening of symptoms. It was my jaw malalignment.

Thank you so much for replying. If you read my post carefully, you will not find any mention of surgery. I do, however want a second opinion, and the dentist broke up with me rather than cooperate with letting me get a second opinion. To me that sent up a big red flag. He said I could only use a certain ENT which I have already consultedtwice in the past 7years with these symptoms with no advice other than go home and relax.

I do have a dislocated jaw, and I want to take care of it as quickly as possible too. If my ligaments can be fixed without surgery that would be great. I’d really like to swallow normally again.

I also didn’t mention my dentist wanted to create a treatment plan but would not reveal to me the name of one of the practitioners he was going to have me use…another big ted flag.

I’m impressed that your dentist diagnosed ES, as so many doctors don’t even know about it, but do agree that there’s a few red flags there! There’s info in the Newbies Guide as well about treatments other than surgery if you’ve not had a chance to look.

A dentist is not qualified to deal with Es.

After I was diagnosed by an ENT, I told my DDS that I had Eagles and he pulled his DDS School book off the shelf and opened to the section that talked about Eagles. I think like ENT doctors, dentist have at least a 1/2 day lecture on it.

I have met neurologist that didn’t recognize es! God help us

Yes it is amazing that so many doctors either don’t know, or don’t understand ES. However, we are lucky because we have a good support group here to help fill in the blanks.