High blood pressure

Has any one else had eagles for while and all sudden get high BP out of no where?

Yes, it has been mentioned, @GodisAWESOME has experienced this, it’s been mentioned in a discussion recently, here’s a link:
Decompression surgery with Costantino - General / Eagle Syndrome Stories - Living with Eagle

How are you doing? :hugs:

Hi @Gods_blessing,

Yes, this is my main issue going on right now! It’s been going on since April of 2020 and they can get pretty extreme. They are sudden and come out of nowhere. There’s no rhyme or reason to the spikes!

I have been doing a lot of research, praying, and I feel like God is showing me what has been happening in my situation. Not sure if it’s the same as yours. This is what I think:

I think that for whatever reason I developed intracranial pressure known as ICP or intracranial HYPERtension, as this started with immense pressure in my head and I felt like my breath was being sucked out of me, so to speak. By the time I got to the blood pressure monitor it was in the 170s, but I believe it was much more than that when it started. At the time, I just thought it was untreated hypertension, and that’s what the doctors felt as well when I would go to the ER. However, these episodes would happen sporadically and when they would happen I would always try to take my blood pressure and sometimes the blood pressure was normal even though I felt this pressure building in my head. So I wanted a doctor to do a lumbar puncture, but because I’m not overweight and did not meet the age requirements for a person having ICP, they were hesitant to do one and I couldn’t get one done at the time. Eventually, about 16 to 18 months later, I finally got someone to do a lumbar puncture, but by this time, even though I was still having the blood pressure spikes, the pressure in my head was not as great. This all started in 2020, and to today, I don’t have the pressure the way I did that first 16 to 18 months. So, when the lumbar puncture was done and it read a lower reading of 8, my doctors assumed it was a leak, called a cerebral spinal fluid leak. I believe that certainly could have happened and actually I think what happened is that I had intracranial hypertension that it became intracranial HYPOtension because the pressure in my head sprung a leak so to speak and created the cerebral spinal fluid leak. I think that all that pressure in my head created an accessory draining vein (now showing in one of my radiology reports) off my juggler vein and I think that’s why I’m not having as much pressure in my head, but in my particular case, I think that the C1-C2 area is pinched or jammed up somehow and that pinching depending on how I turn my head etc, can get worse and when that happens is when I think I get the blood pressure spikes. So, now I think I have maybe three issues going on, cerebral spinal fluid leak created by no treatment for the intracranial hypertension and possibly the original problem of compression or pinching at the C1-C2 area. So now I have a virtual appointment with Dr Peter Constantino in New York this coming Thursday and hopefully somehow can relay all that to him so that he can make sense of everything and see if he can help me. To complicate the situation, or possibly it’s diverting attention from the real problem, it was discovered when I went to a chiropractor, since I couldn’t get help from any of the other 45 doctors or so that I saw, he found that I have elongated styloids on both sides so, I’m not sure if that is also creating a problem or even if their long maybe they’re not the problem and it’s really the compression of the juggler vein or what have you at the C1-C2 area that’s causing the blood pressure spikes and maybe I could just keep my styloids and get that fixed. It also could be that not being treated by anyone with all these symptoms could have caused tortuous vertebral arteries I was told I have in a radiology report, which might be why I have some Eagles symptoms - like sometimes my mouth gets tired while talking, whether it be long or short, and I have to end phone calls or conversations, sometimes my throat becomes sore for no reason or I might every once in a blue moon feel like something stuck in my throat. However, I don’t get the stuck feeling that often. The problem is I really can’t find a doctor who really addresses the C1-C2, meaning someone needs to go in and align the C1-C2 the way it’s supposed to be because the fluid in the brain has to drain out and when the C1-C2 is moving around, I’m thinking that that can keep the fluid from getting down into the spine which then causes the headaches that I have which has been extreme the first 16 to 18 months, and have greatly improved since maybe a leak if that’s what happened. I still have throbbing vibration sensation in the back of my head and pulsating feeling in the back of my head with 24/7 Tinnitus. So, I hope that maybe some of this message will help you. I would be curious to know if you have any of the other symptoms that I have? That all being said, the blood pressure spikes out of nowhere are the most concerning and they have gotten really really really high. Recently I had a reading of 212/192 I believe it was.

Right now I’m taking 25 mg Metoprolol Succinate ER in the AM and I’m taking also 10 mg of Lisinopril in the PM to try to keep the blood pressure down as much as possible so that when I guess the spikes happen they’re not quite so bad but even with all of that, I still had one as high as the one I just mentioned above. The medication regimen helps, but it does not completely stop the spikes but they are definitely less. I also have 0.1 and 0.2 mg of clonidine to take when the blood pressure gets over 170 systolic or a 100 systolic, but if you end up doing that you have to be careful not to keep taking it if you keep getting the blood pressure spikes because you can get what’s called rebound hypertension. It’s kind of a double edge sword because on the one hand you’ll have to do something and you need to get it done quickly which is what clonidine does but on the other hand you don’t want to keep having it happen so it’s been quite frustrating and a very long journey so far.

Praying and trusting the Lord and all of this and looking forward to the virtual visit on Thursday of next week to Lord willing get answers and also help or treatment for my symptoms.

I will say some prayers for you as well. Don’t give up! It’s a long long journey if you’re just starting it, or at least it can be if you don’t get to the right doctors, but most doctors have no idea what’s going on and they don’t do the research that they need to do for their patient otherwise they could have come possibly to the same conclusion I just did and I could have been treated by now. But I believe God has but revealed these things to me.

Does your blood pressure spikes come down fairly quickly usually? Mine will come down within 5 minutes to 2 hours depending on how bad the attack is.

I hope that you find answers soon and if there’s anything I can help you with pretending to the symptoms and what has helped or not helped or what have you let me know.

I’m so sorry for what you’re going through. I can definitely relate and pray God leads us to the right doctors.