Hours after operation

Hi Everyone,

I have had my surgery couple of hours ago, and just want to share my experience.
I had my pain started two years ago, around my neck area, but did not have any other symptoms, however, that one was bit uncomfortable.
After finding a good doctor(I was diagnosed in Asuncion, Paraguay!), he suggested, it might be Eagle’s syndrome and it was proven by the CT result after.
I was happy he found out my problem, as I could imagine much worse than just a bone poking my throat, but of course, I knew I will have to do the surgery one day.
As things got worse the last half a year(swallowing become more painful and got headaches like I have never had before), started to search for a doctor in UK and I found this extremely useful website and Jules, who just simply amazing and told me really useful things about the search and the operation.
I went to the same doctor as Jules(Mr Patrick Axon), who is one of the most experienced doctor in he UK. (asked him he has done over 100 styolidectomy!).
I got here is a private way(insurance), had consultation after 2 weeks of my first call and the operation 3 weeks after the consultation.

Overall, I have to say I am only a few hours after surgery, but the poking feeling was already gone, which was the main reason I have went through on this, I should not worry anything at all before the operation and I know it will be more painful tomorrow around the scar and will take time to recover, but is done!

I attach a couple of photos about the scar size, I think it is very nice!

So glad you’re already seeing results! I hope you heal quickly & that your pain level stays low. Ice is a good helper after surgery (along w/ the prescribed pain medication) as it helps keep the swelling down.

It’s interesting to see different surgeons’ external approaches. Some doctors in the US cut lower down on the neck & further from the ear. In the UK it’s more up around & just below the ear. I think that one is called a “face lift” incision in the US.

Thanks, Isaiah, yes, I woke up happy with the fact that I have the release of the destruction and pain in my throat. I haven’t tried ice yet, but the pain is not as bad as I was expected.

Yes, I also found interesting the different approaches, I think this is my doctor’s way to do and to be honest, I prefer half of the scar to be behind my ear.

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Really glad that you’re safely through the op, and hope that you continue to heal quickly! You can’t even see my scar at all now, I think mine was a little longer than yours. I think because Mr Axon is an Otolaryngologist/ skull base surgeon that’s why he goes in behind the ear. Hopefully your drip will be out today- that was so annoying!!
Take it easy & best wishes! :grin:

Thanks, Jules, I am just waiting for the Doctor, eating and heading home. Yes, the drip is a bit annoying, but I feel so good after I have the relief and can drink my cup of coffee without any destruction and pain. Let’s hope it stays this way!

It’s great to hear that your pain level is still tolerable! You may experience a bit more swelling & discomfort as the week goes on. My surgeon said days 3-5 post op can be the most uncomfy so don’t despair if things do get a bit worse before they start really getting better. By the end of the first week, I was feeling much improved.

Since yesterday I stopped taking any painkillers. I feel only pain when I am yawning or sneezing and the wound is sore, but it takes time to heal. Still have a bit of poking feeling in my throat, but swallowing is clear and smooth, I guess it the nerve damage, which also needs to heal.
Feeling happy and lucky! :slight_smile:

That’s great! :grin:

What is the tube that is attached through that hole? Is it a supply of blood through the carotid artery?

Is the drain, I think the function was to prevent infection and swelling. Has been removed after a day. A bit uncomfortable, but manageable for 1 night.

Good.Get well soon.

Thanks Raghav.

Not all doctors do this- it’s something Mr Axon always does to prevent infection.

Yay! Heres to a speedy recovery for you :slight_smile: I had glue instead of stiches. I hope that things just keep getting better and better for you. Good luck

Hi Painintheear, hope you’re well and continuing to feel good. I did consult with Dr Brodhurst and you’re right, I found him to be absolutely lovely and excellent at what he does.

In deciding whether to go ahead with surgery, could you please let me know if you had elongated processes or classified ligaments? I know that Dr Broadhurst initially does a more conservative approach by removing the ligament only first. My concern is I have elongated styloids processes with no issues with the ligament so I’m not sure if removing the ligament alone will help with my symptoms. It would be helpful to know if you also had elongated styloids process. Once again, thank you!

Sorry to butt in Vkossa, but sounds as if you’re wise to ne cautious! Not everyone has issues with the ligaments (I didn’t either, just elongated SPs), & if you don’t then removing those & leaving in elongated SPs isn’t going to help at all, & you may not then get someone to do the op for the second time. Sortening the SPs as much as is safe to do so sounds like would be the best approach for you.

Division of ligaments. My Hyoid bone is facing the wrong way and also too long. The only side effect I have is the strange feeling of my neck moving when I swallow although is saying that it is just about gone now. I was in hell before my surgery and feel normal again now. I guess you will have to take the time to decide your course. I hope it works out for you.

Thank you Painintheear, it’s through sharing these stories and experiences that we get the help and comfort we need. Totally sympathise with feeling so bad before surgery and feel so very happy for you knowing that this is in the past for you now. Bless you for sharing your experience and will hopefully find the surgical treatment that I need.

Hi Jules, I wanted to thank you for response and guidance, really appreciated.

You’re welcome- just passing it on when I can, I had lots of advice from this site!