Excellent ENT in Philadelphia

I had my left styloid removed (4.0 cm of it) by Dr. Jason Newman at University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia. It took 2 years to find someone and to get to a point to I could not live with the discomfort/pain. I was referred to him by Dr. Jason Lee, a neurosurgeon also of U. Penn, who is very knowledgable about ES and has worked with Dr. Newman. I live in the DC area, and it was worth the trip(s). I did the external surgery, and have had excellent results. I have a longer styloid not the right side (4.6 cm, but minimal discomfort), so only one side was done. The scar is hardly noticeable 2 months post op. I highly recommend him.

Really glad to hear about your successful surgery, and always good to hear about doctors knowledgeable in ES!

I meet with him next week! How are you feeling now? How was recoveey and what should i expect at my first meet with him? How long did it take to schedule surgery once you met with him.

Sorry for the loooong delay. I have not logged on in awhile. Recovery was not bad - 1st week was the worst, but totally manageable w/ tylenol. I’m a little over a year post-op. My scar is barely noticeable (you’d have to look really hard to see it). I did have some facial numbness and a lopsided smile, but that is 95% resolved (and a side effect I’m willing to live with to be rid of the pain). I do keep up with my neck “stretching” and massaging of the scar to keep the scar tissue from hardening, which I think has helped a lot. I also did cranio-facial PT for about 5 sessions and then did at home on my own. Good luck.

Glad that things have improved for you CPR!