How long has this site existed and can we get an experienced ent to answer some of our questions?

If I were an ent or even an md, I would happily help people online by answering questions. I just don’t understand why humans can’t help other humans. Here we all are trying to help each other and trying to advise each other and you would think there would be a dr that would join this site to answer or help however they could. Even saying I can answer this our that but can’t comment on that because it’s beyond my expertise would be understandable. Even when we are lucky enough to find a “qualified” ent or surgeon, you only get a small amount of time to talk to them and ask questions. It’s always limited or you feel dumb for asking certain things. Sorry for the rant. Here I am 3 days post surgery and found a surgeon on the list, at one of the best hospitals in the nation, whom has experience with es, & I still only had 2 cm removed and am wondering what the future holds. Anyone have any dr friends they could ask to come online and do an AMA? (Ask me anything)

Heather, I can’t answer the question about doctors to do an AMA but as far as I can see the group has existed since early 2011. Good luck with getting an answer to your physician question.