Members residing outside of the United States Of America, please respond

I see that many of our members reside outside of the United States. Many of you are still looking for doctors. Some of you may have found help. I am trying to gather information on doctors who have succesfully treated you. I see that many of you have asked for help and some others do not seem to post here much.

If there are any of you who have had surgery that has been successful, please respond to this discussion with names of physicians who have helped you. We have one doctor listed in UK, two in Australia and one in South Africa. Many of you are in Europe and I have not seen any doctors posted. I know how much suffering Eagles causes, so if anyone in any country outside of US has doctors, especially in Europe, please post their names. I am trying to find as many good physicians for us to use as possibly and not just those in the US. Take care and I wish for all of us to be relieved of this evil pain.

This is not a terribly difficult surgery, it may be rare, and it is a little tricky because it is around nerves and the carotid arterey, but skull base cancer doctors can do this surgery so can ear, nose and throat and oral surgeons. We just need to be proactive and try to make this syndrome known in the medical arena.

I think we also know of one doctor in BC or Canada. So only non us members need respond to this forum, so I can check it perioidically and add your doctors to my spreadsheet that I try to keep current.

Also, if any of you have any information or access to your medical universities, you might try to find out what you can in the university medical schools. Good Luck

I hope this translates into everyone's own language.

And, just a gentle reminder: post positive reviews only, please.

Yes, dancermom is correct, we only want to know of any doctors who have successfully treated our neighbors in countries other than the USA on this discussion. My last spreadsheet update was posted under discussion "Spreadsheet update 1/20/2014" or a discussion titled close to that one. It was posted under the Doctors Tab. My USA and out of country friends are welcome to post doctors there as well, but I thought I might start another one just to encourage those of you not in the USA. If you have a complaint about a doctor, please post your own discussion. I am trying to use this one to find doctors to recommend.

I was treated by ENT surgeon Mr Stassen at South Tyneside General hospital in the North East of England in 2000.I understand he is now working in Ireland

I were diagnosed with ES by private practice ENT Michael Berg in Glostrup. I then had succesfull intra oral surgery by scull base cancer surgeon Preben Homøe in Copenhagen at “Rigshospitalet”

I am aware that they are doing ES tonsillo-styloidectomy at both Gentofte Hospital and Rigshospitalet here in Denmark.

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Thank You all so much. These doctors will be on my next spreadsheet. Keep on sharing.!!!!

Julie, I was just posting the article about Mr Holt to my spreadsheet with the name of the hospital, now we have a doctor's name. These names are so valuable to other members, I think it is hope for them.

Hi there,

I have just got to this e-mail - and do belong to the support group, so you may already know my story.

I had my elongated styloid processes very successfully removed by Dr Hoekstra at Greenacres Hospital, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He is actually a plastic surgeon who does reconstructive surgery, so was well qualified to tackle that sort of procedure.

It did take a while to find someone who believed that Eagle's Syndrome was the cause of earache, neck and head pain on one side, and faintness and slight nausea on the other, which I felt on turning my head.

They were removed extra-orally, and I am now without symptoms. What a relief!

Evening I had successful surgery done 13th August 2013 to remove 33mm of my 43mm calcified styloid on my right side my surgery was done by consultant Mr Currie at Crosshouse Hospital Kilmarnock Ayrshire in Scotland he is based within the Maxilofacial Department at Crosshouse hope this helps x

Oh wow, thank you so much. I hope it will help others in your areas.

Cybra, Dr Hoekstra is already on my spreadsheet, but I think having these doctors posted in a discussion is very helpful for people.

Michelle, is that Dr. Leo Stassen. I am trying to locate him on the internet so I can provide some information. I think I found him. But I come up with others names Stassen. Leo Stassen is in Dublin and appears to have begun practice, I think a professor at Dublin university in 2003. Is this the one you mentioned.

Dr. Yosef Krespi is fantastic. If you don't already have him on your list, I would recommend him. His office is in Manhattan, New York. 425 W59 street 212-■■■■■■■■. He is a board certified Otolaryngologist- Head and Neck Surgery and performs surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital.

Eagle42 said:

Dr. Yosef Krespi is fantastic. If you don't already have him on your list, I would recommend him. His office is in Manhattan, New York. 425 W59 street 212-262-2929. He is a board certified Otolaryngologist- Head and Neck Surgery and performs surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital.


Thanks Eagle42, I do not believe he is on my list. I hope to have a new update within the next month.

Hi Eagle Rose! I

live in Stockholm and as you know there are no experts that can treat ENT there. Could you provide me with the contact information of the Doctor Preben Homoe. I tried e mailing him but mailbox is full.

I can do the surgery here in Central America now during my holidays but it costs lots of money. Maybe as a swedish citizen I could get a better price in Denmark.

Thanks for your kind response!

Best wishes


Hi Cyrbra

This helps so much. I will definitely get in contact with your doctor…
Did you only have to go for one opp? I have heard that it does come back.

I had extraoral surgery 7 weeks ago in Hamburg/Germany. It was at the Heidberg Klinik and my surgeons name is Dr. Liebehenschel.

I had intraoral surgery 4 weeks ago in QLD, Australia. It was done at Logan Hospital and the consulting surgeon was Dr Whitfield. I’m very happy with results!

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Glad to hera that your surgery went well! :grinning:

Hi i just saw your post. Its the second surgery ive seen outside America. Im in Ireland still searching and hoping. Was it hard for you to find a surgeon in Scotland and how did you get diagnosed?

Michelle1 so glad i found your post. Im in Ireland and will be seeing dr Leo Stassen next week for consultation. How was he. Did he have much experience and was your surgery intra oral or external? Im hoping he does external.