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I am totally confused. I just got back from seeing Mr Axon in Cambridge today for my scan results. At first, he said the styloid were 40mm and that he didn’t have a problem going in to remove them but was not sure if it would eliminate my problems. I then said you mean you can get rid of this bone that is sticking through my Tonsil… Then after looking at the scan, he said, What you feel at the back of your throat is not the styloid bone that is the hyoid bone, then he said Thyroid cartilage that is calcified? I am so confused. He then said he would refer me on to another colleague of his who deals with this. This has completely thrown me. Anyone shed any light on this?

In a word…no! Interesting, but very frustrating for you! There have been a few members witjh extra long hyoid bone processes, or calcified ligaments up from the hyoid bone, so it couldbe your problem.
Go with the other appointment (& hope it isn’t too long a wait!), & see what the other doctor says. Mr Axon is excellent at what he does, so if he feels you need another opinion, I’d go with that. Let us know how you get on!

I had Hyoid Bone Syndrome as well as ES. My hyoid bone had calcified, so when my doctor went in to cut my styloid, he was also going to cut the hyoid bone back. When he got in there, he said I had a hook on the end of my hyoid bone that never showed up on any scan. He cut it off. I could move my head to the right without getting dizzy after my surgery. Not sure if it was from the styloid or the hyoid bone, but something worked. I could also look up after the surgery, and I couldn’t before without pain.

I have been wondering about Hyoid Bone Syndrome as well. How were you diagnosed with that? That hook issue sounds much like what my ligament could be catching on!

My Otarnologist diagnosed it from my regular CT. He said he didn’t even know there was a hook on it until he went in though. I can turn my head to the right w/ out pressure building up in my head. I still have that problem on the left though. Doc said the only way to tell if it’s hooked is to go in and look, so I’m deciding if I want to try it. So sick of surgery! Ugh!

My doctor is Brad Desilva at Ohio State Wexner hospital. I have heard other docs say hyoid bone syndrome is not a thing, but obviously they are wrong.

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Optimist14…some say there is no such a thing as ES too!!! I think there is something to this. And yes, I am so sick of surgery as well. My body is REALLY good at making scar tissue, so I’m having doubts about any additional surgeries. I’m trying to figure out which avenue has the most hills!!!

My styloid, stylohyoid down to part of the hyoid muscle now gone. Feel awesome, now. The thing is this is a triple problem. I think it is called Stylohyoid Complex syndrome or something like that. The really good doctors follow the pain from the styloid down to below the mandible in the jaw and find the calcified stylohyoid, which technically is ossified because ligaments do not calcify, they ossify, just medical terminology. Once they note this, they know there is more than just the styloid. It looks like Mr Axon is on the right track. I hope this will be to your benefit. I know he has experience in this field. There was an article about one man going to over a hundred doctors before he found a doctor. If I am correct that article was about the man finding Mr Axon.

@Optimist14, This message is old so I hope you don’t mind me responding to the post. I’m wondering how you are doing now that a lot of time has passed since your surgery. I’m seeing Dr. Desilva tomorrow. My right styloid is a little long and thick. I also have the left side of my hyoid bone that is traveling through the carotid artery bifurcation. I have so many questions.

  1. Does Dr Desilva take the whole styloid bone to the base of the skull (and not just trim it)?
  2. What testing/imaging did you go through with him?
  3. Did your HBS and/or ES cause severe headaches? What other symptoms did you have?
  4. Were you overall happy with your surgery with him?

Thanks a million, in advance!! I’m in Ohio as well. :slight_smile: