I don't think my surgery was a success

Hi. To me I don’t feel surgery did anything, actually I feel worse than before surgery. Before surgery I had the clicking on my throat, then I started it TMJ treatment and it went I way, now after surgery I have the clicking again, my ear hurts and before surgery didn’t hurt, I have more problems swallowing witch I only experience couple times before surgery.still have headaches, now if I use my right arm to much(surgery side) my neck starts hurting. I still have my left styloid but don’t know if I should go with the same doctor again :confused: my surgery was December 9 2013. Is been 4 months, with Doc Samji.

Was it internal or external surgery? I am 3 months post op and still having huge issues?

External. My right side ( surgery side) feels worse than my left side some times.

What issues are you having? Internal or external?

Did it fix any symptoms at all ?

Nope. Actually I feel worse.

Sorry to hear you are still having issues.

Maybe it could be some sort of nerve problem now giving you the pain issue? I'm thinking it might be a good idea to possibly see a neurologist.

Sorry to hear once again that the surgery didn't turn out the best for you. I hope you find the answer. Don't give up.

Really sorry to hear you are worse. Do not give up. check with neurologists and good TMJ doctors. Something is still wrong. Have you checked back with Dr Samji? If so was he helpful or supportive. My ENT will not do further surgery but he will support me if I want to consult with other doctors and I have consulted with one and he says that my surgery was done well and properly.

did they snip the styloid or fully remove


I am so sorry to hear that you're worse after surgery! I just wanted to let you know that there may still be hope. I felt worse right after my second surgery and then felt about the same as pre-surgery for a very long time. I've lost track now, but I think it's been at least a year since my last surgery, and now my symptoms are very few and far between. They're subtle, too. I definitely think my surgery worked, but I doubted that for a really long time after the surgery.

Maybe nerves sometimes get damaged during surgery and then it takes this long for them to heal.

Anyway, I really hope that your situation is like mine and that you eventually see your surgery as a success. Praying for you!

I know I'm like a broken record on this, but I also highly recommend popsicles for pain flares. They work wonders for me. My kids could always tell when I had a bad es day because they'd find me in front of my space heater eating 20 popsicles in a row. (I'm not sensitive to NutraSweet, so I used sugar free.)

Hi Texas Nani,

I too had surgery with Dr. Samji and also felt worse after my first surgery, which was in July 2013. I never posted my problems because it was complicated and very long story. I still may post because I want people to be aware. If you would like to discuss let's talk. Send me friendship and maybe I can help.

Hi how are you feeling now after surgeries?

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