TMJ dysfunction caused by styloidectomy?


I had my right styloid shortened 2 days ago. I didn't have any TMJ problems prior to the surgery but now I am getting major clicking and squelching and pain in my right TMJ. It seems to have been triggered off by the surgery. Has anyone else had this happen? Did it heal and if so how long did it take. I don;t know much about TMJ problems but the impression I get is that injuries to this area don't heal very readily. The last thing I need at this point is a whole new issue to deal with.



Did you have internal or external surgery?
I didn’t have this happen, but did have TMJ issues prior to surgery so I wasn’t intibated. I wonder if that could have caused your TMJ problem. I would give yourself some time to heal…hope the jaw improves!

JKL, I have been diagnosed with TMJ and also have palatal myoclonus which causes my palate (back of throat) to pulsate among other things. If you weren't intibated, what did they do? Intibated has been one of my concerns about surgery.

who dxd the palatal myclonus? Id had severe myoclonus for years now dxd w/FM as well think gin got connecting the two at next dental visit (no teeth but dr stiles s see s me in Philly @Jefferson.

I had no probe w/intubation and I have SJogren's/systemic firbosis sclerosis in blood anyways they wont dx me in paperwork, that would mean admitting Gadolinium from undiagnosed Lyme started this all! LOL

BTW post surgery 4 mod now w/thryoid cancer surrey down at same time as well, still sore in certain spots (I have throat issues form either fibrosis or Lyme/IgG/Infection issues) take your pic! swallowing became easier external approach via Dr Cognetti Jefefrson Philly

I was fortunate to have a wonderful surgeon in Dr. Forrest. He did the surgery with only conscious sedation and I think that’s one of many reasons I had a pretty easy recovery. I would def ask if it’s a possibility!

My son did have clicking of the jaw after surgery and he couldn't open his mouth very wide, so he ate very soft foods in very small pieces. It did go away in about 5-7 days. Hang in there. It should resolve. You are not the only one with this post surgical issue. Just eat appropriately until it feels better. He also took ibuprofen which helped everything settle down.

I had TMJ problems prior to surgery but it wasn't a big bother until after the surgery. I was in horrible pain for five weeks. The Dr's finally figured out the pain was due to my TMJ. Once I got my retainer the pain subsided. I was told it'll take at minimum three months to heal possibly five. As long as I have the retainer in place I am pretty much pain free. I've had it in for four weeks now. Still can't open my mouth wide though.